The broken Seal of the Souvereign Navel/ Centre of Being.

This work is about Will Awakening, restoring the broken connection to the spiritual hologram of the soul , thus reinstating the compass and the life map by closing the seal and seating the Souvereign Will properly within the body.

By closing the “cosmic” open ended portal that plagues so many humans with what seems to be transgenerational soul trauma coming into their being, humans are able to quickly reassume their natural Freedom and self Souvereignty. This is the biggest part of this work, to close this “soul portal” and reinvite/ reinstate the self Souvereignty of your own unique spirit of this life to take its rightful place in the seat of the Will and Wake it Up!

If the Will has been inactive or not the primary form used for navigating life based on feelings it may take even the best students of Life some committed training to rewire old programming and reenable the natural frequencies to flow through the cells.

The seat or location where the self souvereign spirit of our nature normally resides is also the place from which the Will can be felt to be functioning naturally (the Souvereign Will is wholly feeling based).

Most people have no frame of reference to this as they haven’t yet questioned their Will, or their Souvereignty. Well both are wholly part of you and engaging in the process of reclaiming and awakening them is what your Nature naturally is already working towards.

Life is fully on your side if it comes to doing this work. Its your birthright that got taken away from you and its your right to reclaim it and Awaken the Will to function again as a glorious feeling based internal compass for effortless and fearless freedom based navigation on the Earth.

Natural Order of Life at Birth

In Nature at birth the Will downloads its navigational roadmap from the placenta into the cells of the Navel area. It is thus of great significance that this process is to be honoured and naturally respected. Interventions can lead to people feeling later in life as if their compass is lost or broken, people end up “looking for themselves” all their lives. They are often looking for their purpose, their role, function , direction, clarity.

Naturally the Will can be brought in and back into the body by reinvoking the self souvereignty of the Will and healing the broken seal at the navel (and the emotional associated birth trauma) so that the self souvereign navigator can peacefully reassume its natural role and function inside the body, restoring the compass which functions based on the feelings that are naturally present within us.

Without the Will being reseated through ceremony, healing or release of emotions the self souvereign presence of peace and radiance is not capable of flowing and expansing itself and fearless Freedom is unfortunately but a fantasy.

Without healing the premature severing to the spiritual hologram of a person’s soul the Will can not free flow and be its own leader souvereignly.

Comprehending the dire relevance of this work I want to offer my awareness and natural abilities to assist others to question and access this primary trauma undermining their self souvereign free beingness.


Souvereign Freedom

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