The Roots of Rape. Part 1

Rape is huge issue in our current human culture. Almost every She is exposed to it during her Life, most more than once. It’s such a violating act onto the souvereignty and natural innocence of a Shes’ cells. #rapeculture is a seriously harmful parasitic cancerous dis-ease in our human ecosystem that keeps being perpetuated in a seemingly unstoppable way. The root cause in our larger human culture is not being addressed, i think because it is unknown, instead it seems that the effects have actually been worsened decade after decade. But why? I don’t like rape. Do you like rape? And is it natural for us humans to rape? Join me as I explore the origins of rape…

rape (1.)

early 14c., “booty, prey;” mid-14c., “forceful seizure; plundering, robbery, extortion,” from Anglo-French rap, rape, and directly from Latin rapere “seize” (see rape (v.)). Meaning “act of abducting a woman or sexually violating her or both” is from early 15c., but perhaps late 13c. in Anglo-Latin

Latin rapere was used for “sexually violate,” but only very rarely; the usual Latin word being stuprare “to defile, ravish, violate,” related to stuprum (n.), literally “disgrace.” Meaning “to abduct (a woman), ravish;” also “seduce (a man)” is from early 15c. in English. Related: Raped; raping.

Reading this i wonder what is rape really? And what really happens when someone gets “raped”? What really get’s “seized”? What get’s taken or stolen? What “booty” or prey gets forcefully plundered? What really get’s violated?

And lastly can little baby children be raped? I mean can we “rape” babies? I mean really, would we rape our children? Or would it feel better if someone else “qualified” to rape was to rape our little new borns? I don’t know about you but the rape culture i am desperately trying to bring to light within me so to free myself from it starts here….

Rape at Birth.

It feels that this is where it all starts for my own cells. I’m noticing feelings of being raped of my innocence, my natural wonder and my pure peacefulness. It happened right at birth and i felt deeply violated and ever since that day inherently afraid of this unknown external authority, preciding over me. The fear for the unknown has been with me all my life and even now that i regained access to my own pain of those early moments stored within my cellular memory, i still feel so unresolved around the simple, raw question towards the grownups that were there cutting my Life line, allowing my cord being cut…

In my raw process i asked Why? ….Why? …..Why? Why hurt and violate me? I felt like being hacked into that the source code of Love that i came from and am from got broken and a program of fear and pain got installed. That, at least, was my cellular experience and was what got imprinted onto my being. It formed me in many many ways, kept me afraid of many many things, made me obedient to many many grownups, rules, so called laws and external authorities.

My story is my own, it may however shine a light on our unnatural culturally accepted rape at birth practices and bring perspective to what we are choosing, how far we are in the shit and yet how easy and life loving it is to break the cycle, change our culture and free ourselves from the unnatural suffering that we’ve encountered for thousands of years….

Today my two children are 10 and 7 and I see it as my function to ensure that they are raised in a natural frequency, so they know themselves, their own self worth and value, that they are perfect as they are, always enough and never too much. I feel however in todays society that i can’t stop them being exposed to the openly accessible sex culture and early stages of pornography as seen on bill boards, tv adds, kids shows, youtube channels and even within the so called “safe schools” programs where twelve year olds are reading about how to have anal sex and transgenderism is being promoted as gospel for self expression and acceptance.

Each time an add drifts by or a reference to sex is made i seem caught by surprise but also finding myself argumentless as just one add seems pretty innocent by itself and not “that bad”, sometimes it’s even funny , but in the process of “excusing the add” i feel my children are slowly being robbed from their natural innocence and have soon got all sorts of prethinkings about how sex would look like, what to expect from shes and what shes should get used to as well. My boy already has fantasies that if he eats lots of bananas that he is going to get a bigger penis. It’s all still innocent, but is it? Is it really?

Is one of the outcomes of our broken sex culture #rapeculture?.. And is the origin of rape also innocent?

I sense that the irrational not peaceful judgments that I am casting on the younglings and our culture is really me not feeling resolved around my own exposure to the insidious, seductive, subtle temptations of the widespread #pornculture and all the side effects it has had on me. Yes, i am still upset that my mind is still plagued with neurochemical associative memory of unnatural porn related thoughts when wanting to connect with a she in a natural frequency.

Yes, when i feel into it I feel i would like to kill and strangle to death the evil that I sense is promoting the deceit of our childrens’ innocence. I feel i want to destroy and shatter the darkness i presume is underlying the root cause of our unnaturally sex-driven-rape-culture and Yes, i am using you through this writing to discover more, to learn, to comprehend and to find out what my own deep unresolved is around all of this. My judgements and projections alone indicate that i am not at peace with the perpetrators, the programmers, the violators of my human family as we humans would never rape children, we would never shed blood and violate the souvereignty of another sentient being of our own family.

Where does the rapeculture in our human ecosystem come from? Where did it start? If it is not our nature to harm one another then who made us believe that it is ok to violently rape younglings of their natural innocence?

-I’m going to say it how it feels-

#Rapeculture is real yo!. Our culture particularly rapes young babies, and seemingly prefers to rape young baby boys even more violently than girls.

I feel that the connection between violating someone’s souvereignty by forcefully trespassing onto her cells and raping a baby of its innocence is one and the same.

Our human culture with “modern medicine” as one of its parade horses to showcase how “evolved” and “civilised”, we are is raping baby boys and girls of their natural innocence right after birth by clamping and soon after cutting their life cord, injecting their skin with needles and exposing them to unnatural, unnecessary chemicals. Taking them out (with force if needed) straight to another room, to wash them or “clean” them, to “check” them, “inspect” them. Bright lights, cold environment, rough handling, gloves, no natural cellcontact and disconnected from mothers heartbeat, I strongly feel that in relation to grown men feeling somehow driven to rape a woman (of her innocence) that this all started when he was violated and raped when he was an innocent little baby just come to Life.

What is even more sick is the “standard procedure” for young little boys as they are raped even more violently by cutting with scissors into their skin and flesh to cut out their foreskin and it gets cut off WITHOUT anaesthetic. I have cut mycells several times even severely but it was me who did it, accidentally. i imagine someone cutting IN TO ME with intend, to sever and cut something off that belongs to me. Its my cord! It belongs to my cells….as it hurts, violently.


I imagine that I will feel so hurt, i will feel so violated, so deeply wounded in my own cells. An emotionally unresolved stain that will always remain there until later in life when I want to connect with love through intimacy and sex, somehow i associate that sex and thus love is supposed to mean pain, it is what i know. It is also what gets triggered to potentially be expressed so to free the cells of the original pain. I wasn’t taught how to channel or be with my feelings but what i know is what i was shown. And what was done to me feels to be – violently raped-

So depending on how my upbringing goes I imagine, I will likely want to hang out with others that i can subconsciously identify in my pain with, i may even enter a tough boys/ damaged men culture group through which i feel supported to express my original rape pain. We rage against the machine (that violated us). We rage against the system (that violated us) we rage against establishments, politics, ideas, women and their “feelings”. We shame and blame everything outside of ourselves and feel good about saying “Fuck you authority”

I imagine that we watch rape porn together and feel excited by the notion of dominating and potentially violating a She. In the depths of my own unbeknownst suffering i imagine that sometimes I will have fantasies occur around almost raping someone else of their innocence, like a compulsive magnetic attraction. To show them what it is like. Not to fuck with me. To prove who i am. To show everyone how much i dont give a fuck. I imagine I am totally oblivious to the inner trauma related connections as the culture around me feeds me daily with all the visual stimulation i could wish for to keep me consuming more crap consumables to match my inability to love myself and of course more porn on the side.

I imagine that when seeing a pretty teenage she in her natural innocence and beauty i feel this urge to suppress and claim the cuteness and innocence she represents. I haven’t been shown consent or checking in with how i feel but all i have been shown, through direct experience, is that “it” is claimed

– to these cells innocence is pain

– seeing innocence brings up pain

– seeing innocence makes me want to claim it

– and if i cant get it by leading her on, seducing her, impressing her, showing her my natural beauty or my wealth, my bling, my ching, well i may just have to take it by force

– its what all men do

– in my culture we men claim our price

– it turns women on

– i want to take that innocence and I want to break into it

– I want access to the innocence, i am obsessed with sticking it in, with force, if i have to, its how my cultural programs taught me

– it is how i was violently programmed, i’ve seen it a thousands times on T.V. and they all loved it…i want to give it to her….


The faked and staged sexporn “reality” has no actual basis in natural reality. It has nothing to do with naturally relating with Shes and what they feel attracted to do. Real sex in the real world comes through open authentic relating, sharing around feelings and checking in with eachother how the other is really feeling during intimacy. Love making is about exploring with continual consent. It involves a lot of open and real communication none of which is shown in any Hollywood production as vulnerability doesn’t sell, but violence and sex does.

-Cellular traumatic programming compounded by cultural conditioning-

The strongest public promoters and biggest indicators of our cultural pain are the unnatural sex driven #pornculture and the violence promoting #warculture. Both have been with humanity for thousands of years but in todays world both are fuelled by the seemingly endless consumption of products, concepts and fantasies that lead to only temporary relief of deep trauma based symptoms of the underlying “dis-ease” while simultaneously normalising the engagement in it, and consequently causing the addiction to these programs to grow.

These are truly “sick industries” as they highlight our cultural pain of feeling disconnected from ourselves, life and eachother.

Due to my first rape encounter i have for 30 odd years felt unable to openly and vulnerably express my feelings with others, it is still so hard sometimes, especially around asking for cellcontact, intimacy and especially around what I want during sex. This scares me deeply still as all i wanted was Life, love and connection instead i got violation, rejection and premature disconnection. It feels saver during sex to just “let it all happen” and maybe get disappointed or “see where the ship sails” and take no real initiative. Or i would “follow the she” instead of speaking out my desires, my attractions openly because we are equal, safe and exploring mutually each others’ cells.

This last inhibition is still present in me because my mother got raped and was working through her own process and with that projecting blame and shame on all men for “always” “wanting sex”. I made sure that i would never do any of those things as it hurt to see my mother being hurt by men that hurt her by wanting sex with her. As i youngling i got so many of my believes of me, of love, of sex, of safety and connecting mixed up.

I am aware that in order to resolve these feelings that seem to be inhibiting my natural freedom and enjoymeny around intimacy and receiving pleasure it would naturally benefit my cells to confront these unresolved unfreed feelings in a safe and intimate space as that is the only true place where they get triggered.

I think that many men want to innately resolve and heal their deep wounds and violations that were done to them and most men seem to be attracted to Shes with a desire for sexual relating so that perhaps maybe some of the raw vulnerabilities can be freed through expressing.

It takes a lot of courage but mostly willingness to be real and vulnerable during these interactions, so to undo the cultural conditioning that is keeping traumas repressed.

I feel that this notion of “real men don’t cry” doesn’t help free boys or men from the damaging effects of our #pornculture and certainly not the violating effects of our #rapeculture

Where it stops in me though, is right here. In these cells. In this generation that i am. I tell my boy that his feelings are the most precious of experiences he could feel. That feelings are his indicators of what is really going on inside of himself and that all feelings perform a function, they all have a story and they all are equally important and real.

Oh, and that only real men cry.

It’s called having a good man-cry with tears and snot and feeling real feelings.

I will speak openly about Love, natural frequency, authentic relating, real raw and relevant speaking around these feelings, these experiences of the past that innately want to be freed.

I do this for myself and i do this for my younglings and as i discover, reveal and free more of my own programming and traumas i become a more peaceful loving cell supporting father to their cells.

Will-i-am Souvereign

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