Relevance of staying in my Body

As a baby i was violated at birth through premature severing from Life, from love and from peace, the placenta. The grownup decided  “when it was time” for me to be disconnected and this lead to trauma especially in relation to the natural integration  of what i now describe as soul and spirit aspects that were attempting to translate information from the placenta into my little body right after birth.

I was brought into the world of men with violence, violation and in essence rape. This left the navel portal open for what i have interpreted to be parasitic frequencies to nest but really it was just raw trauma in those cells still reverberating within my body; the hurt of the premature separation.
I have come into more awareness around this hurt after questioning the function of my unnatural consumption based attitudes and addictions.

.Due to western luciferic medicine and its “practices” i have walked the earth with what felt like “a broken compass” for most of my life. During a recent breathwork session i experienced what felt like a Birth /Navel portal sealing ceremony for the violated unresolved navel trauma that has never been properly acknowledged, felt and met  with love. During this process of feeling, acknowledging, accepting and freeing these unresolved emotions I sensed the natural self souvereign will of my being emerging from behind or underneath this trauma. It was as if I met my freed souvereign self for the very first time. Sensations of awe, power and gratitude for the opportunity to “reconnect” to this unique part of me were flowing as i was calling me into my cells in my own native tounge. I was invoking my souvereign self to take hold of me, to become me, to embody me a process that i imagined very simularly to what i wrote about in Roots of Freedom.

The days after I felt so restored, souvereign, free and open and yet, due to the transcendental nature of this breathwork experience, meaning that i went into imaginative projections and believing them to be real, I hadn’t actually had an in the body experience of my navel area feeling properly resolved and what i know about the unresolved is that the cells want to resolve it so if it’s given energy it will find a way to resolve what is still stuck.

So in order to process my experience through my body and cells I started unconsciously projecting outward to the external world and began having pre-thinkings occur that “hardly any human in the western mind is healed in this place” and therefor “hardly anyone walking around is fully self embodied” or “reconnected.” I started writing in terms of “we”, “people need” and started imagining processes that through a mystery school could help humanity free itself of this root cause of propeling harm onto other sentient life. Yes, pretty wild projections from the subconscious mind to make an attempt to access something that sat even more deep, more raw, more in the actual cells.

Because i had experienced such a sudden and also “out of my body” shift into feeling fully free of of the life long underlying fear of anticipating the violation of me by an external authority I felt compelled to writing even more, assuming that, if “humanity” was  ever to feel truly Free of external authority then healing our umbilical cord trauma would be absolute key in that. It seemed logical to me then that Natural Self souvereign awareness or Fearless Freedom would be hardly possible for humans without this being healed and resolved.

I continued writing if “people were not healing this energetic trauma based rift stemming from birth, that they will keep looking outside of themselves for gurus, teachers and wisdom spreaders which only sells more books with less real resolutions as they do not address the violation and mutulation of the sacred seal, the doorway to the sacred seat of the Will of ones being.”

I somehow was so convinced of my new knowing that i did not know that my projections were still solely tied to my inner reflections, trauma based reverberations from within my own cells. I know this because naturally i can only ever speak on behalf of my own experience and the “other” external world only ever functions as a reflection of my inner world, what is unresolved in me. What i still find amazing is the level of cellular and even spirited information that i accessed through this process.

“Cutting my Cord.

The umbilical cord is my Life transferring linking chain to my spiritual hologram. This “placenta” is me in another form. It is my life informing source of intelligence from which i downloaded and have grown my whole body. It is my database for me programming me, it is constantly informing me of me, building and growing me into the being that is now me. Will and I, we work together deep inside this warm “Seat of Creation” my mothers womb. Naturally placenta contains the “road map” for my Life’s navigation, this Life-Map of my Spirit that i Will receive during the final stages of me arriving on Earth outside the womb where Life begins.

After a strenuous journey into the light I have finally taken my first breath, i am awaiting to receive my final transfer of soul information. I am waiting for my roadmap and my compass for navigation….
Why am i hurting? Where is?…
(as the cord is getting cut)
What is happening?!
Will?!! Will?!! where are you? you are not fully with me yet!

This birth trauma for me laid dormant for over 3 decades being an active breeding ground for fear, lack of self worth and feelings of this “broken compass”. For many years I have searched for “Who i am” out there in the world of men which eagerly played into my disorientated state of being with endless variety of consumable “products”.

From me not addressing this life long issue in a real way, which is now functioning as a program to keep me suppressing myself in fear for violation, I feel I may never come to know of the self souvereign presence of peace and harmony that is my innate heritage, my natural birth right and at this point a mission  for me to reclaim IF I want to live in Fearless Freedom.

I want to live Life with more human mammal friends in fearless freedom, free from bloodshed, free from harm or trauma based actives and this is why i am sharing this work.

To promote Lotus Birth and Natural Birthing practices and to do the work in my own cells, reclaiming my own self souvereign being once again, reclaiming Freedom and restoring peace within.


Souvereign Freedom

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