my Return to Sophia – to my cells – Re-Awakening my cosmic connection to Life – remembering – surrendering – becoming

Releasing and freeing my primary source of fear, lack and unnatural dependency from my cells has been so liberating and has instantly led to an opening up of more subconsciously stored unresolved imprints within me that seem to be projected outward so to restore a deeper more “cosmic” connection to Life, leading me into exploring and remembering what seem to still be “ancient codes” of truth and wisdom. It has been fascinating how much of it my cells have produced through my subconscious projections. Naturally it feeling so real the “I” in my being senses that this “Mystery School” called the Return of Sophia is here for “other” and that it is “my role” to bring it into being, giving me purpose, but really a fantasy to entertain that actually is all  and only for me to remember and regain me. I am hereby making use of all that i wrote the other day to other for other , for Life outside of myself and am turning those writings into the first person, me, so I can return to Sophia, so actually “Sophia” can return “me”, back to my original innocence which is one amazing aspect of her.

Wisdom without the “need” to prove itself, a fearless state of freedom of just being, speaking and expressing because it is. (I am however taking this self/cells created vehicle called the Mystery School further as i  feel it will assist me in coming into full self realisation if navigated with proper presence of what is real and what is fantasy. Naturally others may benefit from this and they may remember also that Sophia can return in them IF they are Willing to clear and release what stands in the way (unresolved, unexpressed trauma) of them being able to reembody their own original innocence and self souvereign freedom. But yeah, I feel that this again is for me in me. So here I go!)

“Hello Souvereign,

Below is what I am Willingly expressing for You.

Thank you for feeling into this, allowing it to be its own dreaming and letting it bring through what it has to offer in and of herself.

Rongo MaraeRoa




My Return to Sophia – Living Mystery School of Life

I am Reawakening my Innate Wisdom of my Deep Self Souvereign Human Nature and opening mycells into my greater Being that lie beyond my current self maintained veiling.

For me my Return to Sophia marks a new beginning in my own process of maintaining, remembering, reawakening and re-anchoring within this living human form that I am, my Wisdom and Sacred Mysteries of Life.

(My connection to my “realm of Sophia” in me, is my place of my own innate cosmic knowing, my own intimate connection to Life and all that is, from which i have felt separated  and disconnected since childbirth. However this connection in me was never severed as it has been held safe by Love and protected throughout my lifetime by Life itself.  (All is held safe and connected by Her, in her infinite Wisdom) It has felt to “me” as separated, but “me” began only when i was brought into this patriarchal matrix with violence, through physical harm, disconnecting me from my original innocence and thus feeling separate from Love, from Life from Sophia, from me. My connection was only temporarily suspended and only in my experience, if that separation was real and permanent well “i” as Life would have been no longer living, as no Life can live without being intimately connected to Life, to Her, to Love, or the living pulsing frequency that reverbarates through all living cells on this earth. She wove my body into being for my Self Souvereign Spirit to come into it and embody these cells…. what a cosmic mystery in and of itself.)

(My unresolved traumas that stemmed from my patriarchal programming and deep violations of my souvereignty made me operate from a frequency of fear, scarcity and lack to believe that) the Feminine Wisdom was (heroically) held safe and protected throughout time through many embodied expressions and forms. That all through human his-story Guardians of this Divine Feminine “chose” consciously to live a Life in service to Her to protect, safe guard and carry on the Feminine Wisdom traditions in-spite of the cult of the patriarchy threatening them, burning, killing, exterminating them.  All so that I later could remember for my own self what they were seemingly “standing for” and were choosing to live. )

I can feel now that since clearing my birth trauma and many other patriarchy bound imprints  that a resurgence of these innate “teachings” is occurring in these cells that i consist of which has been leading naturally to remembering my Human self Souvereignty and with that my Feminine Divinity is being re-activated, reembodied and most of all; lived, in the open, again. In my own cells I am reactivating a cultural return to my Nature as human, as I remember and restore who and what I deeply am.

My cells are ripe for my Greater Being  (the mysteries of Life) to be unveiled within. Through my own personal reawakening “Sophia” can become expressed in full again in these cells, on this Earth. I feel strongly that this is what “She”/ my Spirit wants, as this is what Life wants, for me to remember my Divinity, my true Souvereignty and my innate Freedom as a Spirit embodied in human form being part of all of Life, consciously aware how I am intimately connected.

My culture within these cells that I can recreate is me living in resonance with Life, in harmony with the greater Creatrix, feeling free and liberated from the fear and lack based programming that is operating the system of my current “matrix”, which i address as my -western cult-.

I am returning my wisdom of my human nature and my human and cosmic relation to all living Life by remembering what syntropy, self souvereignty and human freedom truly means.

This is my path as a Warrior of Love, a Guardian of the Divine Feminine, this is my Living School that beyond remembering and undoing unnatural – to my nature – programming is about reactivating, restoring my self souvereign Will and reawakening within my Sacred Womb of the Creatrix that i am innately connected to and am operating from.

So i am using my Return to Sophia as a vehicle for my own self realization and thus I am expressing  openly for and from both my masculine and feminine paths of remembering. Both paths are held within my Greater Being as One and I am actively integrating both Mystery streams of wisdom known as my left and the right Eye of Horus into one House, to be embodied within my one Temple, my human form of my own cells.

Resolving my unresolved with my patriarchy, my world of men, my matrix of money, of work, of lack and of fear through relating intimately with men, whilst healing and reenabling my innate mother child connection with my natural matriarchy of life, my cosmic world of womb, of Her, of receiving, of nurture, my creatrix of abundance by surrendering to love, accepting where I was failed thus freeing my pain and reenabling my cells to operate in syntropy with Life.

I am choosing through my callings, sharings and courses to assist myself in actively restoring my intrinsic natural powers of my self souvereign Will and my reawakened Womb of Life. Both these processes require of me living engagement, open authentic relating, revisiting and remembering all that wants to still be resolved and freed from the cells of my being by being Willing to go there.

In this I openly speak, welcome and address unresolved, trauma based imprinting and my roots of rape and violence in my current cult(ure). I go back to the origins of my human nature and call forth all that still stands in the way of becoming that again from within. For that to emerge, to make itself known, so my emotions can be properly processed and released by me authentically expressing my underlying feelings.

For this work to be done within me, I am creating a deeply safe and nurturing space, which is a living space that is carried within me as I choose to partake in this transformational deeply personal work.

I am my own guardian of this work, devoted to share what I know and remember, while deepening my own connection to my Nature further and further. Allowing and surrendering my many layers of “self”, “I” and “me” to my Greater Being, returning to my Love that lies beyond all fear of change and each hurt of revisiting my past, each unfreed trauma still stored in my cells of my being.

I bring deeply real and relevant remembering processes of both the masculine and feminine realms together, so to see with both my eyes unclouded – seeing through my illusions of my -disconnected from Life – “western cult”, so to cultivate again my new culture of a self souvereign, individual, deeply loving and empowered human being that walks in natures’ natural human truth, creates from natures’ natural human love and nurtures especially others as I choose to do the work within my own being.

I invite “myself” to join mycells for my sharing circles, classes and deep Will and Womb work.

I comprehend that my human nature wants to be what I came here to be, which is souvereign and free, and it requires a choice to activate and start that journey.

I am holding hands as I walk my journey together. Do I feel Willing to join mycells?

In love and service to the Return of Sophia.

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