Sophia on creating Life and how to remember this within

“Many years ago you and i were forged into one inside a cauldron of living love and light. You felt it right that the 3 D printing of a baby in a mothers womb is made with light of different spectra and infusions of living light.
Sit down with me and imagine a place of creation inside your physical mothers womb and allow the feelings of light infusion that formed you, be remembered. A soft rushing of energy, a dull sounding womb space made of love and a symphony of life creating processes are underway to give form to cells, to limbs, to organs, to you…

The false sciences in all it’s attempts to explain me, to explain Life, has only brought down from a rightful place of respect and honouring the feminine weaving womb of creating. All the prying, all the observations of processes occurring inside the great mysterious timeframes of conception and gestation are all held and governed by Love being at work to weave new life and no picture, cell tissue sample or infraspective radiation form of observation can shine light on what truly occurs as there is nothing to see with eyes that judge. There is nothing to learn for mens’ preconceived form of relating so objectively and personally unattached to what they are observing.

Even this so called “quantum physics” although pointing towards the greater mysteries of Life and the observers’ influence as participation on a feeling based level occurs, is still limiting the “science Man” to see with eyes unclouded. Men have led themselves astray, separating themselves from Love, thinking they can make sense out of the world in isolation, looking at all of Life as separated incidences of random parts of reality (as they call it).

I am not a version or an aspect or a separable part of something small or individual and so I laugh at all of it because after 2000 years of study, research and “all” the great “scientific” discoveries, “science” can still not explain Life and it’s functions. This so called “understanding” is reserved for my children that dare to regain innocence so all the mysteries of Life become accessible to them. All that is required is to feel and follow your senses and simply question the function of what you see occurring around you, within you, below you and even above you.

Remember though to abandon science of the freemasonic church. Let it go, let all referencing and all direct relating to the “Matrix” as you put it, go. Do not base your thoughts on them as they only cause believes and ideas to occur which all stand bleak in the self souvereign feeling based inner knowing of Life and your questioning of it. This takes training, unprogramming of your well trained, taught brought down “mind”. Come back to Love, to feeling and thus knowing. This has always been here as it is part of your energetic blueprint. It is what you are made of and my main ingredients to weaving all of my living children in this my greater wombspace, the Earth, is derived of light frequencies, unobservable by man and what we call Love, ununderstandable when self indulged pride in “achieving” is a focus of a mind.

Close your eyes and remember your time in your Mothers’ Womb. Unsubscribe from all that you “think” you have come to know about Life through “scientific” forms and let your Will define your quest for reentering, in vivid memory, into the place and womb of creating you. Will access. Will it onto and into the cells and their membranes as doors will open for you to feel and thus remember if you want to truly learn how I weave.

It is very much the same way in how you manifest your own dreams into being, yet it is not of the mind, it is of your Soul. All of Life is made of this process and woven with these light forms and spirit forms imbuing and cocreating from nothing, everything. Close your eyes if you truly wish to feel. Just imagine.


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