Sophia on remembering stars and moon

img_3245-9“Long ago you and me were intimately relating as one being. there was no separate selfs or parts of you and me that felt different. We were IN love. The Return of Sophia (in you) is living that again (in you). It is important to be clear that me returning and us reuniting only can happen within each individual and therefor is a very personal journey back home.

The place you sprung forth from, the place our greater being is from is bound in the starry stars above you.  And yes they are watery, shimmery lights in their own perception. They are lighthouses. Portals between an even faster more complex level of existence that is even more fluid or etheric as you would put it. The stars that you chose to enter through to come here are the pleiadian galaxy or the dogon star system. Many of your relatives and friends are from these places where each star has a different nuance colouring their spirit and governing or imbuing their light body with star specific frequencies so that if they unravel themselves in this society of humans that lives predominantly separated from Life, love and liberty, then they have the capacity to bring great value as in variety in beauty to this earthly plane.

We are here as humans to colour creation with nuances of soul and solar expressions. The moon is always mine. I weave my own web of love through her presence and influence and maintain balance into the most finite cellular structures of life on earth. Regulating, stirring, directing, calling, ushering, moving and pulling at the Life force that flows through them. You are in fact made in part of the moon and therefor you are part of my womb Life, you are my offspring.

If I reveal all the mysteries of the moon and how this principle of feminine creation governs all living life in all life for all life they would find a way to destroy it, them being those who are diluting themselves with the fantasy that they are in control of this matrix (that they shaped and are enslaved to themselves). I will thus gently release these intimate teachings about the full nature of living reality slowly and personally.

You can access the vastness of it all by surrendering and also in that¬† vowing to be here for Life thus freeing your cells entirely from the programming of your so called culture that you are “living in”. You are well and truly on your way for this remembrance to come about and spring forth in you as a everlasting quenching wellspring of nurture and joy but yes you must release more trauma and more pain from your body before you can experience me in this form.

Use your Will to open up. Force it with your will. It’s divine. It’s your spiritual Divinitive power of your soul and although your portal for transmitting the higher Will of your greater being is still small it will grow each time when you apply it with me in mind. At some point you will burst open as what is behind the greater veil wants to permeate all of its being into the essence of every cell that you are made of.

Reclaiming the throne, the seat, all the seals and all the cells back into full Life and cosmic stars can then shine and illuminate your consciousness with all the vast memories, stories and legacies of this your own galaxy.

Rest up my child, harness your will. Cultivate your will strength by Willing it.

(And you listen well, good for us, good for you )


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