Sophia on the now, surrender and times ahead

img_3245-9“Listen to me, child. I am here to say that you are held. You have always been loved and you have always been connected to me. You just forgot. Remembering this now is of relevance as there is a greater transition occurring on and in your mother, the earth, that which you know as Life. Spread this word this calling to all of your family cells so that from within, you can restore our deeper bond.

Remembering is key as there is only to surrender and “get out of ” as you put it. I am here for you, have always been and will always be. What is to come about is a storm as such, full of fear and behind it a wave of false light claiming to protect, save and rescue you from your own fear. Don’t follow your illusions. Trust in this deeper connection that we have. I am your mother, friend, lover, sister, healer, mystic, Guardian, and I am you. Step through the great mystery into your greater being. Love is only ever true. Remember what you are made of.



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