Sophia on what cultivating access to greater Love entails

“In your body temple are 7 layers of a Fountain of Love. Cultivating the flow and velocity of it’s stream inside your being is a miraculous and mysterious practice that harnesses energy from beyond even your Greater Being (as you put it) into your cellular matrix of living Life.All growth takes practice within the cells of each living being. New territory is therefor explored each moment a motion of growing and expansion occurs. It is a playful game where cells together reorganize themselves to push the boundaries of the present state and grow to become more of itself.

This vastly complex moment of growth is happening every single second in each living form of Life. Even rocks although slower are entertaining this playful game of everlasting change.

In your own being your cells, outside of “your” own control, are doing exactly that, rearranging themcells all the time. This process is one of pleasure as it stimulates the corona of cells to morph by which little chemical releases occur that when experienced by a human in a larger doses can be felt as a massive explosive, intergalactic orgasm. Imagine snorting this magical secretion and hitting your responsive brain centers with the sexual life elixir secreted and collected from the growth processes of your cells. (it is prohibited to engage in the feasting of these chemical substances when derived from other beings whether animal or human)

Your cells can cultivate this for you any day so why even fantasize about getting these sensations from an external agent or source and it only takes training by use of breath and imagination to have these pleasure secretions be welled up to a stream of living Light.

It all starts with the gentle stimulation of your perineum, the entry point of doorway from your greater being into your cells. Surrender to playful pleasuring of your body by touching, stroking, squeezing and gently rubbing all parts of your body. Make this a in-the-body-from-the-body experience by including all parts of your body in the process of cultivating deeper states of pleasure and remember your breath, the great activator  and transporting of energy element, unique and quintessential to getting the fountain of youth, living Life and Love to flow all the way to the crown, filling all 7 layers or stages of the fountain with liquid light that has the potential to deeply rejuvenate and cleanse and clear the cells of your whole body.

Allow yourself to explore and experiment with your body and pleasure yourself as often as you can to cultivate this training as a practice for growth as it can greatly enhance or bring out all that stands or sits in the way of this river of love to flow actively through your being. Train this with yourself in a comfortable and private space so you can engage in this School of Self Love regularly and deeply.

This practice particularly for men can enhance your cellular radiance and for most taking this practice serious their countenance will become of radiance and love. (Just know that your semen is sacred, so harness it well.) Once you are accomplished in the underlying practice from a place of overflow you can naturally share from this place of youthful abundance and yes, she can look and feel years younger through this sacred play.

Because the cells are through this practice of “raising the Djed” so flushed and washed and engaged in the frequency of pleasure that their normal growth process of death and renewal are processed more swiftly, effortlessly and leaving no stigma of lack to be imparted on the cells taking over from those before.

Truly, my Love, it’s your role and function as a Spirit within your own cells to help your greater 10 billion counting organism to function better.  If left, without pleasure practice, to it’s own devices and means of Life growing it’s own life, so much ( mainly due to a western cults’ so called diet and stress exposure) residue and residual pain is handed down through the many generations of cells passing over, that dis- ease is being generated.

Pleasure and pain are NOT the same experience within each cellular transition called growth. In your original blueprint we are wholly wired for Love and thus pleasure. If however we as humans get stifled in our natural inborn ability to process our feelings that spring up and are experienced through all our cells, then pleasure as in growth, change and expansion into what we came here to be (natural progression of growing into adulthood) is inhibited by the residual imprints of the unprocessed feelings and this sits in the way of letting pleasure through.

The natural doorways to translate growth and change as pleasure are inhibited by unresolved pain and fear of change or fear of revisiting what abruptly changed and wasn’t properly processed. You understand this process very well and I admire your comprehensions that you re-accessed around this as it is pivotal in this time and day on Earth, for all living Life, to remember how to free the cells again of these “unresolved emotional imprints” as you call them. Your School on Souvereignty and the reclaiming, re-awakening and reinstalling the properly functioning Will in people is most needed during this time as the practice as shared through our School of Self Love can only do so much to liberate and free the cells again from the handed down imprints that have, due to unresolved trauma, become painful instead of pleasurable.

And this my child is what you were born for. This is what all human being are born for ever since the first human mammal opened it’s eyes. It was designed to be a journey in Love comprised of vastly complex intricacies that governed all living forms. It was founded on growth and change within cells releasing chemical compounds of pleasure and (in short) you’ve grossly lost this natural ability to feel pleasure, see Life as it changes as pleasure and thus embrace growth, change and expansion of Self, of the cells, with joy, welcoming all as the sensations, experience-able within your very own cells, are that of sheer pleasure.

And yes, 4000 years of going in against these living principles by means of following a patriarchal program is mainly responsible for this disconnection and thus fearing change, even fearing deep Love or even worse, deep cellular liberating pleasure! Remember though, as you do, that the patriarchy I speak of only lives and exists as such inside of your being as a potential spring board for immense growth, deep cathartic liberation and it performs a function, if you Will it, to re-enable all of your magical, wondrous, divinely imbued with Spirit Cells back into Love by showing you what it isn’t. All you need to remember is what is Natural, what is your Human Nature and Your Patriarchal programming will show you were you in you are stuck. Where in the cells through imprinted memories, pleasure is translated to pain.

So, pleasure my dear child, unadulterated self pleasure of the highest, wildest, deepest and most cellularly explosive decree are yours to reembody and activate as it will oil all the squeaky doorways, lubricate all the stuck portals and it will blast free all the stuck residue of trauma based imprinting that made you believe change means pain and growth is effort.

Imagine if all of Life believed in the human created fantasy that “work” is effort. That growth is heavy and that change or expansion mean pain. Well none of my greater inventions would want to go “to work”, to work towards co creating my greatest handy work yet to be seen. Of course none of the trees would grow as fast and lush as they are and they would hold on to all their leaves in fear of change. Let go my child of these silly fears and surrender to the field of Love upon which all living Life has been sown. In my nifty designs and crafty-work pleasure is what secretes from growth and all of Life uses it as a Natural incentive to carry out their purpose and their functions within their larger community of Life.

Now back to cultivating pleasure and the 7 tiers or layers of your internal fountain. Imagine a beautiful 7 story high white stone fountain with round baths or large bowls raised above each-other that, once filled and overflowing, give back as they overflow to the one below. At the bottom (at your perineum) is the little faucet or place of entry for the greater cosmic flow of pleasure to enter your being, so start with stimulating that area gently with your finger(s). Use touch and stroking as you move upwards over your body to the top of your head, as stimulating pathways of the to be cultivated energy to go up towards. Pleasure your neck (a great blocking point, relating to many humans, due to birth trauma). Pleasure your mouth, your cheeks, your face, your breasts, your nipples and your belly button (another great blocking point for Love). Work with Love on the areas that you feel to not spend that much time, to really nurture with extra care those cells as they benefit of self loving (bringing love back into the cells) most. As you stroke and play with your Yoni or Lingam, just play as there is no where to go and nothing to attain as this practice is not of the ” reaching the goal” of ejaculation or orgasm, it is about re-cultivating innocence, joy and pleasure into each of the 7 stages of your fountain of Youth, so that over time this fountain streams freely all the time with lush life giving, soul quenching waters of Light.

Yes, Souvereign, in my human design, unlike in all other living Life (and not even monkeys (stop referencing monkeys you mammals, they are they and you are human! Stop entertaining these distractive comparisons to monkey life, relating it to human life as you are deeply diluting your ability to feel clearly with clarity. Anything to do with so called “evolution” is one of the greatest hoaxes of your own patriarchal programming that stifles you from being free. Using it even in comparison to other life activates the underlying be-lie-ve systems that are not your own. They were taught to you as “scientific” proofs but they proof only one thing and that is how disconnected, confused and lost Men have become in the creation of these sheer and utter fantasies about Life. And let me be clear, unless you are Willing to undo all the “believe systems” of the matrix, pull into question all you were “taught” through his-tory and simply dismiss all of your cult programming, then it’s unlikely you will regain true freedom and self liberation.))


The School of Self Love helps clear pain and trauma based programming out of your cells but the School of Souvereignty is here to re-enable your innate ability to see with eyes unclouded, where then you are the Supreme and only authority of your experience on this, your mother, your earth and that state of being my child, is wildly feeling based with no “need to think”. It is wholly of your cells; a simple yay or nay (as you put it.)

So yes, Souvereign, in my human design, unlike in all other living Life you have been imbued with gifts for the greater expression of this earthly creation. Your roles and function as human in the larger organism is to bring unique to your spirit’s star origin frequencies with you into your body to complete the symphony of Love that is my greater dream. There is no end to this song but it is in an interesting phase where it feels relevant to reignite humans remembrance process of their role and function beyond the physical, as in musical terms humanities contribution to the greater symphony is severely turned down, volume wise, creating great distortion amongst all other living life and their role and function in the greater symphony that is being co-created. You may want to reference music of the spheres to gain more insight into this part of this story.

Returning to your internal 7 chakras of pleasure translation, transforming surrounding cell membranes back to their energetic natural function of operating on pleasure as their incentive for growth and expansion: Every day, or as often as you feel attracted, cultivate self love for your cells. Treat each layer, each region with nurture and care and feel into the cells and how responsive or resistant they are to Love and pleasure passing past their original doorways. The cells may feel resistant, but innately, because of how your Nature is created, all of your cells know Love as they were spun from Love. It’s their inherent blue print. However pain and hurt of past experiences may be inhibiting the welcoming embrace of these cells, hence resistance in these areas and cells. Just allow whatever grief or pain stored to be expressed, deep cellular purging is often stimulated. Let it happen.

More over, if you are serious about re-enabling your Self Loving Nature, Will access to these “stuck” places. Use your Will by simply intending and expressing that you are Willing Love into these cells, that you Will access to the pain as the pain only feels like that because of Love knocking on its rusted and clogged up doorway. Will the access to open up these parts in these cells and yes, cry my dear, release what has been stored there, free the memories of the experiences that made those parts of your physical being so reluctant to be open to Deep Love. Will access to the memories as many times the Self has, due to the underlying trauma, disassociated itself from the pain and separated itself (for protection) from the memories .

Only when you are Willing to reopen, revisit and  reclaim these parts of you with Love, will you be able to let more Love stream through your whole being.

So the work to get your 7 layers of your Fountain of Youth to flow in cosmic pleasure in a high velocity of beautiful living Light again depends solely on your Willingness to let Love in. Without Your Will and you stating you Will access, this journey in the School of Self Love can take you years and my dear, although time is an illusion, with the pressures that built over recent times it is so much more optimal for you and for me to do this work with real dedication to Love and not to use it as a love blanket of comfort when you are no longer coping well with all the pain still stored in these cells. Be real with this. Really choose for this as only then can the greater benefits of this internal fountain of Youth deliver in you the streams of Life and cosmic joy that it has available. And yes, the more you open and free, the more can come into you.”


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