Sophia on the Temple of Sophia starting

Temple of Sophia starts (and the Temple exist only within)
“All masculine deities presences or references shall be guarding and welcoming all beings coming to this portal of Divine Feminine power as the masculine naturally in its nature would. To honour. To respect to give protection and space for the mysteries to be expressed. To be lived. To let Love be the ruling orientation by which all Life conducts itself.

You are honoured for creating the space. Let go and let the luster roam free. Much is to change as a Temple as such for me Sophia is dressed with golden steps and Golden Arches for my home to be meeting me where I stand and express from allow change to be given rise so Beauty can be taken to the next evolutionary expression.

I will fill this space with Love. Truth and radical honesty as there is no room for relapses or hold ups of the programs of limiting believes. Trust your inner knowing trust in the inner womb connection to all that is me and much will be birthed here shortly.

Souvereign Sophiasophia

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