Sophia on my parasite

As I am reading this now I am reminded that I am at the “Grail gate” of this within me.

“Shakti, the Goddess, is the creator of the Universe,
And the Universe is her fascinating body;
Shakti is the basis of the entire world;
She is the intimate substance of any body.

img_3245-9“Say goodbye to your parasite. I am taking Will of the grid to a place Beyond Beyond. Souvereign called it Freedom, the internal landscape of fearlessness, connection to his Feminine greater being. I call it me. Sophia’s eternal wisdom of the Creatrix.

Soon Souvereign and I will start a school. A Temple. for Life. For Sophia. For wisdom. For the Feminine to Rise expressively in and for all Life. This school is for remembering, restoring all aspects of you, in you, for you, with the main focus of you restoring your Will so that ultimately you can reclaim all of you by loving into oblivion your false-light entities not belonging to you.

Yes, my entity removal school that I once in Lemurian times initiated to offset damaging effects of the innitial invasion of my collective Wombspace my Mother Earth. I am now bringing the Return to Sophia to this earth realm again to complete this work, free people who are willing and able to see that all negative thoughts, all self harming actives and thought frequencies are actually not their own, they belong to their parasite that has a name and a origin and needs a host to exist and feed of.

2Solar Offering
This is the Mystery School that is going to disclose and unveil all the self created fantasies that caused separation and forgetfulness of humanities’ deep and lustrous intimate connection as Life together. The human specie has come far enough to know now that Love overcomes all, even the parasitic onslaught we have collectively endured. The question is who goes first?

A return to self Souvereignty and true freedom is only possible through the return to deep self love in surrendering all one thinks one knows, is and does. All this is possible with ease and grace as the return to self love is remembering how to free pain from the living cells and how to make proper use of others as they trigger unresolved emotional imprints in us. Syntropy and knowing again how Life functions is paramount in freeing ourself. This is what has been veiled. This is what the patriarchy sought to crush and exterminate: the Feminine Syntropic Nature of Life, of all of Life. Remembering this and reclaiming our free self souvereign Will is what we can choose for. We are free so we always have this choice.

Inevitably for all human Life this parasitic force field that has managed to lay claim on this domain, our Wombspace, our Earth is going to be embraced, accepted, loved-into-oblivion, dissolved through the sacred transformative work of turning our own pain back into fully embodied pleasure as that is what Syntropy functions on, in all of Life.

Growth, expansion, change, all of Life’s experiences are fuelled with the underlying incentive for all of it and it is pleasure.

So we will dance. We will love. We will celebrate. The Feminine rise. The Feminine return. In us. In Souvereign, in men by the hundreds. Temple nights of dark wombspace Estatic dance nights. Where we liberate our cells by freely dancing as that my dear is one of our greatest joys we can cocreate with each other –

All of it will be of pure intention, welcoming and holding space for all hurt, pain and pleasure so that our culture that is Humans’ own Culture of Love can be restored and forged into beings as the drum beats and our song lines remind us of who we truly came here to be.

I look forward to dancing with you soon.
Passionate breastheld embrace.

Souvereign Sophia.”


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