Sophia on the Church of Love within


Resurrecting the Church of Love

Since my deep Return to my innate Feminine my Greater Being connected through the Wombweb of Life speaks ongoing as to what is my path to forward on. I am calling out for those Keepers of the Womb to connect in and share with those that can feel this.sophia“Resurrect my church within. Resurrect the church of Love of righteousness of the deep feminine that I am within you. I am calling on you to enter into the process to embrace your souls purpose and my spirit is calling. I have waited for this moment where there are ears able to hear and heed my calling that is of an ancient place buried deep within humanities subconscious.

Listen my child and act. Be courageous. Be the bravest you’ve ever been and know that Love will support you. Trust not your fears, doubts and conflicting thoughts any more. Follow what is righteous and within welling up from the very Fountain of Life. Feel the deep rememberance occurring as you resurrect what is most sacred from within. The Church of Love, as lived amongst my people, the church of Amor is to be reborn and brought back from the ashes so She may rise and be witnessed in you for others. The Phoenix within is ready to burnstrip you bare of your excuses and fears and you will soar with her as the time is dearly close, as much more chaos uncoming, is at your very doorstep and you must know what to choose so you may be a shining light, so you may shine as the Grail Knight that you’ve always been.

My dear souvereign don’t worry on your worries, let go and march, as a Guardian would, fearlessly forward. You were crowned and restored your dragon powers so be wise and act on your commitments.
My church must be erected and restored within and without to become a Beacon for the other living and able to hear. Deep trust and surrender is asked for and you are infinitely supported if you take this journey and task, it is how Life functions. Life always supports Love, always supports deep surrender to its mysterious field of creation beyond anything imaginable.

Make it known. Trust that all is provided for always you have been shown all steps and variables and we’ve blessed you with the gifts cultivated through your work for and with us for our primary Nation that has always kept its vows and duties through time. Yes, the water keepers, the Nation of Peace the Waitaha Nation.”


Souvereign Sophia



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