Souvereign on The fantasy of the “Superior Man”

The fantasy of the “Superior Man”

The only pathway leading to true self Souvereignty for me as man is full matriarchal navigation and surrendering where the “man” (patriarchal programming ) comes up again to say I need an identity to be who I am – to surrender that to Her, to Love, to within and to remember that She does NOT need saving, she doesn’t need fixing, or “Helping” to “Heal herself”, so I can feel good about me as this fantasy of a “superior man” THE ONLY function that “thinking” that she “needs anything” is what MY own Feminine isn’t receiving from Me.

Because of early childhood trauma the world of men wasn’t feeling safe and so in the intelligence i spend my whole life developing my “froopyland” it was Sjoerd’s way of knowing how to be safe in the world. It was full of rules and judgements of good or bad, right or wrong and from the rememberance process of Syntropy on which all Life functions (including me and my froopyland) I have come to see that all this was entirely entropic in its orientation. Fear based, lack based, control based, dominance based.

Well if I have a froopyland and I am the main keeper or even king of this self created matrix I will be preoccupied in maintaining the “healthy boundaries “, as I still recently called them, to stay “in control”.

My journey has been about freedom. Returning to the original innocence that I, in my Nature, as Man truly am. Not some concept or “believe structure” that I am. I am a feeling based creature and returning to this state of just following what my feelings say ( yay or nay) has been my pathway to my innate original Souvereignty reclaiming “me” “my” “I” and all the identity based ideas I had about myself that were all stemming from maintaining froopyland.

In this I found I was a slave of my own fantasies just to feel safe in the world. Obviously I wasn’t really free because as soon as another significant other stopped operating according to my rules of my froopyland I had to protect, defend, and maintain (or sometimes reluctantly upgrade ) my froopyland.

I know now for the first time that I always tried to bring all She’s back “into line” when they were genuinely wanting to show me aspects of my behaviour based on their feelings. ( they simply wanted to relate deeply from feelings ) I had learned how to manipulate with intelligence based diatribes (believing I was supporting and helping them) so their behaviour would fit again with my rules of how I feel safe and yes, I was in doing so continuously avoiding FEELING my disconnection from my deep feeling based feminine within me, protecting my identity as “Man” and causing my hurt to continue to affect Her.

All Life always performs a function for me in me and since comprehending the syntropic nature of Life and what her Life strategy is I’ve reenabled my ability to question the function of what is reflected to me in others. Now I know that all was only ever an emotional reaction from within me speaking about my unresolved story with me in me.

So this fantasy of a Superior Man as professed by David Sereda is just another step in the many successions of Man and their patriarchal programming remembering (ultimately) that Man is deeply feminine in his Nature. (It’s NOT the end result mammals) This book is just another chapter in the larger book of returning home, within, to her, to feeling all the feelings and meeting them with Love and acceptance, not solutions. This book is another “handbook” on how to upgrade Mans’ froopyland so he can still stay in control. It is full of ideas and believes that are all not feelings but new tools for improved coping with the change that is upon all men at some point. Coping with not returning but instead becoming stronger and entertain all sorts of fantasies about manhood and strength and power. It’s a book worth skipping if you want to actually get real with all intelligent based judgements that are only ever yours from within on the within, as She is only ever a reflection of that in you.

It’s a best seller because it sells fantasies that fit nicely into maintaining ideas and identities about Man in this great time of transition.

To me on my path to true Souvereignty and freedom (which is humanities’ innate true Nature) surrendering all froopyland believes of “me” as man, caused me to come home and reconnect with Her in me and in ways beyond any of my perceived possibilities. (This is entering the great mystery and surrendering control)

It is still training as my patriarchal programming has gone deep into my psyche but I have reclaimed my Will and thus my Natural compass that functions on feelings and so I can measure all experiences again on my cells’ truth of feeling.

Whatever I felt so “missing” “lacking” or whaterver I judged in “Her” was my own deep unresolved disconnection from Her in me. I’ve also remembered though that this “disconnection” was just an “idea ” another “believe system” another froopyland program.

We, Her and I have always been connected, She always held me, Loved me, allowing me in my freedom to believe that I was disconnected from her based on the trauma residue causing those believes to formulate in me. But no, She was, is and forever will be holding me, loving me and being in me as She is with all Living Life.

Returning and surrendering all my “believes” about me allowed me to truly come home and yes, this was scary and painful because I had to release the trauma from my cells that was the cause of this perceived disconnection. (But sooo worth it yo!)

She loves and has always held you too. You, like me, may have forgotten this.

Surrender the “Superior Man” and just work on restoring this perceived lost connection to the feminine within and all shall start flowing with love and Life-support leading to peace, freedom and true feeling based Souvereignty that “just is” and needs no froopyland rules to support or justify it.

Return to the Womb. It’s the scariest journey ever and the only most significant one to make as it is the return Home, to where all Life started and to which all Life remains forever connected. That is how Life functions. It’s what the patriarchal programming of the past 6000 years has been trying to suppress and distort but innate natural truth can never be destroyed only ever manipulated , distorted and suppressed.

Surrender your patriarchal programming. it was never yours to start with. You likely didn’t know what to do with it so you held on to it and “made” it yours when you were still so young. It’s ok now to give it back, let go of all these ideas that weren’t yours to start with. That’s why they are only “believes” and not feelings.

Your Will always knows. Maybe it’s time to get him from the back of the playground and let him sit in the swing seat of your Life again and let the current “king”, “man”, leader of this artificial froopyland retire so that the church of Love can be reopened within and you can join her in the Freedom that this domain is. She is lovingly waiting for you to choose for this when you are Willing to return. It’s for all of you. It is for All of me and I am having a loved filled time of joy and abundance. Free of fear, lack, scarcity or need to make it happen.

Love to your cells that hold all the stories of “you” but also the truth of your Matriarchal Nature.


Souvereign Freedom


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