Waitaha Crone Mothers on the Wananga of Love

The Wananga of Love
We repeatedly see humanity faltering over the issues of the past keeping them locked in this everlasting struggle without resolve. We see clearly that it is simply due to the programming of the patriarchal programmers (as you would put it) that the ongoing misery is as far away removed from a peaceful state of living in the present moment as it is removed from certain death. It sits right in the middle where it is “void land” an empty almost timeless space created artificially by the mind, mind warping humans to live in a memory, a story of past experiences and this is where the stronghold of the”dark side” lies: Pre occupying humanities orientation by keeping them out of the present into fantasies, illusionary imaginations of the future or recitations of past lived experiences in which neither anyone can make any changes or affect real life tangible outcomes. It is a dream state, it is a timeless void imagining a reality or remembering one that does actually not exist.
When human beings collectively are preoccupied in these thought forms, a field of collective consciousness is created on either side of the present moment of so called time. Only human beings can dream this fields into existence because of the capacity to imagine. Neither the future or the past dreaming has any benefit to offer humanity as the not living in the now is highly disruptive to all other living life as humans take their waking energy fields into realms outside this space and time of actual existing reality thus affecting other life forms in the field of their existence. Though this has developed capacity of Nature to stabilise itself it has also due to the imaginations of humans caused a great decrease in both species and numbers of other sentient life on the earth.
These two created fields of “consciousness” (as you would put it) operate as entry fields for other forms of life to have entry into the present present of actual reality as they can only and do only exist outside of this space and time reality of living Life on earth. Many forms of such “life” wants to find ways to penetrate the space wall between the past and the now and the same barrier from the future into the present to partake and come to harness energies extremely rare and unique for them to have access to due to their “non life” nature.
When humans become traumatised the past as an unresolved emotional imprint will frequently return as unprocessed emotional feelings that have been impactful and disturbing the whole beings’ organism and bodily cells. Trauma keeps coming up until it is properly resolved and freed from the cells and this is where humanity is slightly in a grip of it’s own misery projections that in its undercurrent is stirred to remain unresolved so that by the humans continuously reengaging in the past memories a field is kept open that is like a garden, a habitat for non sentient life to live.
It is like the reality beyond the veil, of death and demons and timelessness, where the physicality is washed or watered out as memories and trauma based fields of projections are, due to their origin, coming from sometimes erratic thought patterns jumping, very “glitchy” or inconsistent. It has taken the entities benefitting from this place thousands of years to create the fields of the past and the future. (although there are mostly different entities being the instigator of this living field or habitat for them) What they had to continuously see being sowed or continued is traumatic events that caused humanity to live in unresolved emotions as a collective. You can clearly see that the warfare over the past 700 years has been a phenomenal trans cultural imprinting operation on the collective traumatised mind of humanity and has reached peak states during this last century between 1900 and 2000. By now due to all the cult programming that is fast underway for all people living in “westernised” countries we have tremendous amount of trauma being inflicted onto everyone and there are only few who, despite this programming, are able to return to their feminine love based nature that is focussed on resolving, by owning and taking responsibility of their “story”.
This is tremendously important work as only Love can heal the chasm in space time fields of consciousness and bring through that humanity back into “oneness”. The fields of the past and the future are to be naturally restrained only to the wisdom keepers and the wise women and sages as only a few need to foreknow what is to come or remember vows of the past to continue the safekeeping of eternal truths through cultural transitions of time and space.
Our conundrum is that this is only accomplished on an individual, person to person, human after human level and no “collective power” or fantasy can shift this work as the embedment of trauma (causing the past to remain opened and open ended) is stored within physiological cells, living tissue, that can’t travel outside of this space time experience. So we’ve been under severe pressures as a human species to create fields of other time realms while our nature wants to only resolve the past (it is the only reason people react emotionally: to resolve the past imprints and free them from the living cell tissues within the body so the souls purpose can be continued to be ascertained.)
This aspect of our nature working for us is one of our beautiful creations that makes time seem so fluid (time is only a fantasy in the mind of humans and exists not in any realistic form anywhere else), “Time” is natures’ transdimensional way to work on energetic imprints or fields of energy that cannot be “cured” as such just by physiological adjustments within cell structure. So there is a beautiful and eloquent, by design, meshing of realms occurring within the human organism that is all part of the different layers of density of physicality, all here to assist the human species in maintaining a innate natural capacity to heal itself of any trauma of any form and of emotional disturbance. The Will in this is paramount to really free cells as without you willing it or wanting it (even when you don’t make a choice for or against healing something still means you don’t want to resolve the unresolved), and so the Will is the activator for change. Subsequently through trauma the will gets displaced and therefor it is so important the self souvereign will becomes restored energetically and emotionally within a human being for also the resolving of trauma (and thus negative creation of past or future fields of energy being created) to come about in a “whole process” form.
This journey can be a lengthy one for many people as so much of the remembrance you have returned Souvereign, is “lost” in the void space engagement, as in these fields is where the parasites have their game. In the past and predominantly through trauma based memory going around and around in a human they have some form of control as in a highly manipulative capacity to keep the unresolved just that, unresolved and this requires blaming and shaming others, going “over” others in intonations, dominating out of protection of revisiting trauma or projecting unresolved emotional memories onto others into the future. (So this past field of past unresolved trauma is also used by manipulating humans not to resolve their feelings properly so to create the future field. People warning others of what may go wrong, wanting to “protect“ others by projecting their own past experiences into the field of the others future. These are love-being-twisted form fields and the twisters are the parasites that in these sub fields of life, in an energetic time vacuum, are able to mind-fold peoples innate capacity to resolve these traumas and instead keep them day dreaming and fuelling the field of the past and the future with purely entropic thought frequencies.)
Now this is where the parasites really “live”. Between worlds and the realms they have most habitat are these artificial, human created, fields of consciousness or existence that are only generated by humans. There are no other sentient life forms on earth that are neither able or brought down enough to not know that creating and entertaining these ways of navigating are highly counterproductive to their own life path or soul journey.

The past should serve only to resolve the present and then to be surrendered and let go of as only in the now can life be experienced as for what it is. This takes training for humans to enage in and it is relevant that people “get real with their shit” as you put it and resolve their stories as the more people heal their past trauma and free themselves of these programmed forms of activating past experience fields of consciousness the more these fields shrink and the seemingly entropic stronghold, artificially based on fear and lack, are reduced. And this is “the Work” because when people heal, love returns to those places and empathy and life being celebrated, instead, are possible again. This is the work: only using the past as a means to recognise that there is unresolved imprinting at play that wants attention as your Nature wants to return to the now which is the only place where your soul can actually make advancements and this is what we ask of you: To start the Wananga of Love so to create a template and roadmap for those able and willing to do the work and return to the Mother, which is here now always and forever and has always been, so to lessen the grip that is being energetically excercised over humanities minds. This in turn will turn down the “dials” on the warfares being instigated, the genocides will drastically be towned down to the point where the future fantasy of peace simply becomes a reality as people return to their own inner peace. Being at peace means being at peace with the past as only an unresolved past leads to preoccupation in the thoughts and thus inhibits one to feel peaceful and free.

You know the Trinity that is to be shared and remembered within and you know of the beauty that every human being has this innate knowing about their own Nature within them as it is them from within.
You know of the psychological effects of all the cult programming the “western Mind” has induced peoples’ freedom into.
You know how the slave based “i have to, i need to , you should” mentality has come about and hear us clear: These are all but programmes of social engineering, designed to suppress the natural sovereignty and above all suppress the innate knowing of this self souvereign, being ones own authority only and onto their own cells. To make people forget this by programming them through all sorts of this freemasonic cult programming that has been the succession after the religious inferno raping people of their natural original innocence and freedom ( introducing the “original sin” to people, “being born in sin”. All these are but fantasies of a sick and highly manipulated mind.)
Yes wetiko, archons and mind virus parasites are at the root cause and we explained already through Sophia how all that came to be. What we are here to address is about the Wananga of Love, the Nakal Mystery School of Mu, Lemuria, the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, the Essesnes, the Magdalen lineage, the Gnostiocs that all remembered the original teachings (which are but innate knowings of Mans’ rightful place within this matriarchal creation called Life on Earth)
We speak about the “lessening” through internal work of the Wetiko’s grip or better put directly affecting the parasites ability to exercise “control” over the mind of humanity. We’ve shown you how they use trauma as a spring board to widen their reign in these fields of existence that are created by human “mind power” outside of the present moment. Now you also know how they operate in a field of existence where you couldn’t sense or feel them before. What we have shown you now allows you to name the past and the future and remember the relevance to bring yourself back to the now as if you don’t return to the present regularly you become a like a zombie that will just linger in the time space continuum that isn’t actually here.
Now you also know that you engaging in the past should really only serve one purpose as to resolve your unresolved as that is the only reason that your nature through neurochemcial associative memory is bringing the past unresolved up for you. Yes, so you can look at it, feel it, accept it and then let it go. We know this process is more delicate then put as that but this is not our path to walk, the density and intensity of trauma release is for each individual’s soul growth a process to go through and once released and freed it never felt that big or horrifying because the story or imprint was literally released of the cells and so we don’t feel that dreadtful or heavy about this work. That is up to you to feel if you want to. It only performs a function for you in you when it happens for you, we suggest you make use of your natures’ assistance or innate strategy for trauma resolving each time you feel this heaviness. Will it and it goes faster.
So yes, all this is shared as to why the Wananga of Love is a key or corner stone to the process of returning to freedom again, one human at a time, weakening the grip and freeing souls up from these traps of the past and the future so to come and explore and live, through direct experience of the real reality, their soul purpose. Amazingly relevant as that is what human life is here for: to live its purpose. Not some fantasy regurgitations of the past or some fantasy projections of how it will all be better in the future, both are all tied to unresolved emotional frequencies still reverberating through the body cells from past lived experiences that weren’t properly processed.
So the Trinity, dear souvereign, remembering Nature, Human Nature, Life and how it functions through Syntropy. By remembering Human Nature you remember the School of Souvereignty, that freedom and peace and liberty are the normality experience of a human being on earth and returning to that state is an amazing journey and feat in itself but also only natural as it is what we all come here to be ultimately and originally. Self Love and the school thereof is what allows sovereignty to become a real reembodied experience as no one can return to freedom and peace without love for Self and deep love for all the shadow aspects of self (all the traumatised parts and dismembered aspect within the psychological landscape called the mind).
Self Love needs Will though, which is held in the School of Souvereignty. Self Love and the luster of it is only watery and wavy by itself. For reenabling of ones Nature, Love is not enough. You have to Will it. The trauma induced onto humanity is way to severe for “just Love” to come and wash away the pain, you have to be willing to go to the pain, open the pain, crack the wall and will access to the memories in order to truly be able to let love flow through that space within your being again. And Souvereignty requires Syntropic Thinking as to remember how life functions is to remember your nature, which allows you to see how you are not living that by lingering in the past or safe guarding your future.
What all of this has to do with the parasites “running this world” (of men or “the patriarchy” as you put) it is that the Trinity of our Wananga was and has always been our divine form through which we have helped heal entire cultures of their diseased minds and infiltrated cultural thought patterns. We have called it different things and named it in different ways but it is all the same Trinity. For this day and age we see clearly that Re-membering Syntropy, Souvereignty and Self Love are the Holy Church within that needs to be resurrected if people want to become free again from the programming that is haunting and fracturing their lives internally.
Love is the way Home
Will is the way there
and Home is your Nature
and all of Nature is based on Syntropy.
This work is worthy of praising,
this work is worthy of celebrating and remembering within as it affects all Life EVERYWHERE.
When you do your work within (if you ever wanted to do anything really “good” for your Mother, Papatuanuku, the Earth and all Living Life on Her and of Her) you do this work and help heal one of the greatest challenges known to creation on this Earthplane and well beyond our Gardens of Eden that we tend with love and care through all realities that we preside over.
So, be “real with your shit” as you put it, as it can become really worth a lot if properly digested, composted and then recycled in the greater cycle of Life. One day we can share what happens with your “trauma compost” when you properly discard it (free it), where it goes and how it benefits Life in ways way beyond one living humans’ current comprehension. As above, so below. So you and all the organic gardeners already know the basics of it. Life performs similarly on all level of creation and yet for those living here in human form; you, as the only creations of Life, have an intermediating effect on all strata’s of all dimensions. Therefor you are our most cherished and beloved children.
Go now dear child and do your inner work and remember what the pasts’ function is in syntropic terms of thinking. It should alert you again and again that opportunities of your very own Life carrying vehicle, your body, is giving you yet another opportunity to do what is in the highest of services to your Mother, to Life.
May this sharing lead to inspiring actions and willingness to be of true service to Life by simply being really real with what is really going on in your thoughts so you can make use of the past to bring you, with more ease, each step of the way, into the present, the only place where Life actually takes place.
Arohanui our beloved Moko’s,

Your Crone Mothers of the Waitaha Nation”

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Te koanga

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Wananga of Love

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