Waitaha Crone Mothers on Returning to Syntropy (love)

“Because of the huge impact humans have on all other Life we feel that it is important that this programmed “inability” to accept the past and thus free the associated story around it from the body is being addressed. Remembering Syntropy and the various virtues that this strategy is woven with is paramount to making any deep sense out of Souvereignty or any of the Self Love Schools of thought. Without remembering how all of Life functions and what its’ strategy is and namely in that remembering that we Humans are alive and *of Life*, made from Life, and an intimate intimate part of the greater Web of Life; Without remembering this, the slumber just lingers on and nothing much majorly is changing in the way a human Life is being navigated.

This is equally a Life full of suffering, full of regrets, hopes, dreams, wishes for the future and a deep sadness that wants to be heard, acknowledged and accepted by others, at first. You have worked out that all these subtle and super relevant ways of authentically relating are able to be brought into awareness within those that are Willing to enquire within and from there go and openly explore the story, situation, experience or *past lived memories*.

So the key teaching of Syntropy in the individuals’ journey of remembering all aspects of it self is the intimate, innate connection to mother Earth, the 4th principle of earths’ 5 principles of Living existence.

When humans can remember that all of Life operates WITH Life and does never deny growth from being the natural cause for Life to navigate on, then they can apply this onto their own cells also as they recognise that they themselves are of Life. We are Life. As much as a blade of grass is Life so are all humans, no exceptions made. Life is all about inclusion, collaboration, assisting, nurturing, receiving and giving and being fully unconditionally present and in acceptance of each given present moment.

Humans can remember a lot about this natural process that they themselves operate against and through this going against (living in entropic navigation against Life’s natural current) Life within itself. When this is remembered a choice from the simplicity of such awareness arises. A choice that has always been there as it is for many life forms. This choice however has been programmed out of the average awareness of humanity and this unawareness is being handed down and reaffirmed almost daily through all the cult programming that is predominantly active within the so called “westernised” countries. It is entropy feeding itself with more entropic frequencies for navigating; Life. Ironically all Life is so free that it can literally choose to do this “going against” the Syntropic Nature of its own innate wiring and ironically only humans do this to themselves and others.

Freeing oneself up from this illusion that underlies a lot of the collective suffering of humanity is important for the Syntropic Strategy of all other Life to reach its fullest potential in expressing what it was wired for and came here to be, become and give to the greater expression that the collective reality of all of Life on earth is here to be: a beautiful dream of Love flowing in abundant physical forms of expression.

Share in openness of our School of Syntropy as it is here to assist humans to remember not only their innate connection to the greater web of Life and the interconnectedness thereof it also allows people to remember their own Nature which is held in Souvereignty and Freedom of fear or pre-occupation with the external world or others as you put it. Because being self souvereign and free of the illusion of external authorities having “power” over oneself is the foundation, the blue print, the Original Innocence that is innate and wholly every humans’ birth right or naturally wired programming to live from, because of this being the delicate and pure tapestry from which all human consciousness is woven Souvereignty has EVERYTHING to do with Love and being that space of Love emitting from the cells. Love equals acceptance of what is or what has happened in the past and ALL traumas ever experienced, however deep the crater that the infliction caused onto the psyche of a human, will ALWAYS be filled to its brim with Love again if people follow the natural processes involved in becoming deeply at peace from an emotional place around what happened to them.

This is where the navigation of resolving *humanities’ unresolved* is significant to have an appropriate roadmap for and this, although only ever simple, clear and precise in the steps involved for proper liberation of the trauma stored in cells, is what we want to bring back to the forefront of humanities’ consciousness and it is *choice*. The natural notion that ALL humans have Free Will, freedom of choice and it is hence that any and all resolving and coming into acceptance of the past lived experiences is tied intimately to the Free Will of each human being.

You beloved children are and have always, by the grace of our weave, been eternally free to choose your own experiential reality and we see that now more than ever is it relevant that this Free Will, unmanipulated, from within its natural wiring is used to orientate itself WITH Life, for Life. Not externally but INTERNALLY because that is the only place where any human can make ANY significant changes for all living Life on this Earth and this, beloved Souvereign, is the Work; Remembering the Syntropic Nature of Life and that all humans are part of this Life, from within, wholly and eternal as it was designed to always be this way. Remember your Nature and be real with what programming as in believe systems sit in the way of living and loving in this Syntropic way again.

triskeleOur Wananga of Love is always here, has always been and we are delighted to see our trinity teachings finding new forms of expressing and ushering humanity to remember it’s connection to Love, to Life, from Life, for Life, all is connected always and forever. Awaken from the patriarchal dream state that is programmed with lack and rooted in fear which is only tied and capable of exercising its stronghold because of all the trauma that lies unresolved as grief, pain and hurt within each human being. Only you can set yourself free, you have to walk there on your own, but we can be holding hands together in this extended circle of life that the Human family is and was always an equal part of. And Love, Love dear, Love is the conduit field of living frequencies that is all there is to return to, within.”

In Aroha,

Your Crone Mothers of the Waitaha Nation

Read about the sharing of the Wananga of Love Returning:

“You are looking at the Birthing place of the Gods, the centre of the Universe, the centre of Love and Light from which all Living Life sprung forth, from dimensions beyone the veil. From this place we ignited in colours of the light spectrum the life web that we cast as a net all over her body. Papatuanuku, the mother, your mother, is cloaked in this web always and forever… ”
Read: the-wananga-of-love-returning

Te koanga

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