Souvereign on Reclaiming Deep Love

How to restore the “Hearts’ connection” to Deep Love, to source, to the Wombfield called Life from within

Ever felt that something is missing deep within? this deep yearning for a deeper connection inside of yourself. It may have been reflected by your longing of connecting deeper with Him, your partner, your lover, but not being able to access it in Him or through you relating with him. You can’t ever find love outside of yourself to fill that yearning that is calling from within. It may work for a little while but that Love does not satisfy the deeper dissatisfaction that lingers as a ghost, as faceless entity deep within your inner conscious field of memory. She has a name, she has a face and she has a tremendous story for you to feel.

If you truly and deeply want to come Home. If you truly and deeply want to step into your highest truth. Your true reason why you came to this Earth, you MUST be willing to listen to the story of your Birth. And she is waiting, she has been waiting all this time, holding on to tremendous pain, tremendous weight in sorrow and she longs so deeply for you to hear her, to hold her, to find her, so you can ask her what it is she has been carrying all this time. If you are willing to come into awareness and find that little She, she will shed, she will speak, she will tell in horrific detail what really happened when she came to the Earth, and She, my Love, She is your Hero, your Will, your sovereignty, your power of divine Love. Pure and real. Innocent and deep.

Free and powerful. She is all you know of your own deep truth that you are or “should be able to be”. But you can’t. Yet. This is why….

You must be “Willing access” to the opening of what is as the primary disfragemented aspect of your Self holding the “key” to unlocking this place in you. This is Her. She who got deeply violated right at birth and got dis-membered. She is alive. Veiled and hidden lying in the silence of your deeper subconscious and yet she is ever present, always reacting, always protecting, always absorbing, always carrying and holding on to all that you yourself wouldn’t be able to carry. She is small, but she is strong and yet she lives in all that pain that you have pushed away by avoiding feeling it. She however, She still holds all that is still unresolved. She is both your body and your will. She is your Womb and your heart. She knows. And She is wise but She also wants to come home. She actually wants to be Deeply found as without her being fully re-membered and fully re-embodied and the primary trauma fully resolved, She lives in the shadows of your mind, carrying the pain of what it felt like to be prematurely separated from Love, from Live when coming to Earth, at Birth.

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