Souvereign on Syntropy in the human biosphere

This is thus far the best reflection on Syntropy and the practice of Syntropic Agroforestry transponed into the human biosphere, within your own internal ecosystem. Because we humans are Life, and all of Life outside of our selves (Nature) follows the strategy called Syntropy we can find this strategy operating in our own internal Agroforest as well. Listen and be amazed! May you as the farmer, custodian of your inner landscape Arise ! These natural comprehensions of Syntropy applied within human psychology (syntropic relating to the internal landscape of human Life) is the NEXT Succesion of Psychology through which individuals can surpass the current framework and evolve into a psychology that creates the greatest simbiosis in their internal ecosystem, the greatest form of growth in their ecosystem and results in the greatest yield that occur form a psycholgical framework that is operating in syntropy with Life. More will be added soon! #wanangaoflove #wetiko #freedom #selfsouvereignty#syntropy #syntropicrelating to Life #wearesyntropy

Categories School of Self Love

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