Souvereign on the pursuit of the Wananga of Love in Bali

I am Here in Bali in pursuit and gentle following of the trail of trails, being present to the whispers of my Grandmothers O Waitaha – bringing forth the rememberance of grounding the Return of the Cosmic Waka, and all is gently and with grace walked back into Life for Life – as was always foretold – for always and forever all Life is held in #Syntropy

And as we walk the Wananga Of Love out of the shadows back into the world of Life and Light we will gracefully make use of #wetiko, the archons, the klepto parasitic demonic forces that are just that: parasitic influences requiring a host to harvest our divine frenquencies of Life from.

All, and truly ALL, will only ever be used for Life, for Love to know itself beyond any measure known before.

This was and will forever be the destiny of humanity; to dissolve, in Love, our kleptoparasitic fear mongering occult worshippers full of non- life fantasies.

Our eternal promise was and forever will be that the Syntropic Nature of Life called #SYNTROPY is forever unbreakable and thus ALL Life will forever and always be in service of this our deeply sacred kete that we protected in silence – and yes, the Wananga of Love is emerging!!!

Our collective culture of Deep Love is arising and our parasites that always required a host are through this Wananga gently exposed, illuminated, named and Loved as they cannot and forever are unable to break the Covenant that our Goddess of Peace Rongomarae Roa made in Love with Life and all of Humanity.

For always and forever all of Life is governed by the Love and the Life filled governenace that we share with you is Syntropy!

We will rebirth this culture of Love together from within each of us Willing to free themselves from their own parasites and it is thus that the deep and thorough internal work of healing our unresolved traumas is required as ONLY in this field of our very own unresolved past is it that any demon is able to “feed ” itself, it is their form of “nourishment” that ultimately only ever serves Love as all of Life is eternally held in Syntropy. All else is just a fantasy dearest Mokos!!

At best we have had a wild and extremely violent nightmare and although much suffering is still ongoing, vow to cultivate Deep Love and vow to resolve your unresolved. Will it!

And Know that love alone cannot wash away all that has been imparted, nested and vested in humanities fields of energy. You must reclaim your Will and be Willing to reclaim self Souvereignty.

Only If you are Willing can you return back into Love all that ever trespassed against you.

This is the great work and we are here to see this through as we announce this our Wananga Of Love.

Peace and Aroha beloved brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your willingness to support this work and walk of Love through :

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Published by Souvereign

Free, self souvereign human Life expressing and sharing natural comprehensions around human Nature and how Life Functions in all its aspects, expressions and forms by simply questioning the function.

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