Souvereign on the Yoniverse

If we want to live in culture that is healed, that honors Life, we must first re-member to honor Her and this work, the Yoniverse Masterclass is by far the most advanced personal restoring avenue that is available to you to re-member, to come Home, to be welcomed in, to finally be met as an equal by Her.

She wants you to know, She desires you to explore her Yoniverse as it is our collective key to restoring Deep Love from within together.

I give praise and deep gratitude to the She’s that walk this work of Deep Love remembering back into our collective culture.

If you ever wished to restore your own inner connection to the divine feminine and finally release and let go of all your held on fears and the “not knowing” PLEASE for the Love of Life, your younglings, your partner, your lover, but deeply for your very own Souvereign Self, TAKE THIS invitation and allow yourself to become restored in natural equilibrium with Her in You.

our collective healing and restoring of our traumas are awakened when we dare to return to Her Yoniverse, humbly to be met with what we innately always desired, wanted and hoped one day would be possible for us to return to.

I vow my everlasting support to the Women that walk this journey and work of real Love restoring back onto this our Earth.

Kia Kaha, Kia Mia, Kia Manawanui: Be Strong, Be steadfast, Be Willing

You are Called in…

Tell and Tag your fellow brothers and sisters so more men and women are reached for the purpose of showing that She is Arising from a place of Deep Love to return all that was broken back into equilibrium.

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