Souvereign on Western cult Birth desecration

Kia Kaha, Kia Mia, Kia Manawanui: Be Strong, Be steadfast, Be Willing #wearesyntropy #wanangaoflove

May we keep reminding eachother of who we really are. Inspiring eachother to free ourselves of our past woundings. Here is my Love based sharing as to Why #LotusBirth is so significant and what each of us can do to resolve our own unresolved around #birthtrauma. Shining light exposing the cult programming that is evidently suppressing the innate self Souvereign nature of Humanity in Love.

This is also an introduction as to Why the Wananga of Love is being brought into Life serving as a vessel of pure Love to illuminate all veiled parts and elements that have played their part so heavily. May those imprints now ALL be returned to Love and may we thank them for, through our collective suffering, it is Love that has grown and expanded in its capacity to know itself.

#wanangaoflove #exposingwetiko #unveilingfalselight #selfsovereignty#freedom #syntropy #Life

In most humans there resides deep and hidden unresolved emotional cellular trauma around our collective birth violation. Humanity is reaching peak states of excessive buse of coping mechanisms and spiritual bypassing to avoid dealing with the actual underlying trans cultural pain that we’ve adopted as “normal” but is fully unnatural and violates our self souvereign/ divine nature.

Due to the human adopted current fallacious, harmful, ritualistic, satanic birth practices that are upheld as “standard” “westen” “medical” “practices” we are almost at every birth inflicting severe traumatic experiences to a youngling and raping it of its Natural Innocence by violating its souvereign self cells. Subsequently these violations cause the Souvereign self not to be seated under the Navel Seal and thus the Will as the compass for navigating Life is broken. Without this natural instrument having been properly installed and embodied navigating life and following our Natural “magnetic north” is severely compromised.

Do you recognize the questioning or searching for “ who you are?”, the personal aspect of self that you are looking for is Will.

Prematurely cutting the umbilical cord is amongst the rudest violation and harm on many different levels that grown ups can inflict onto a new borns and in doing so we are offering it prone to demonic, fear and violence based programming as it causes severe disfragmentation within the self dismembering our primary sense of self; the Will.

The Wananga of Love’s work is sharing on reintegrating, healing and restoring the emotional and spiritual soul traumas that a human being undergoes and is thus permanently plagued with until these deep unresolved imprints are addressed and resolved .

This work is about “Will Awakening” and reclaiming the Souvereignty that naturally oneself simply is from within.

There are natural processes and ceremonies that are fundamental in reclaiming and restoring the true Souvereignty of Self within ones cellular being, thus allowing the God of Self to live within the body and be seated in its rightful natural throne of ones being. This, by willling it, activates the Will which in our human feeling based nature is simply driven by feelings.

Please know that Ones’ compass and clarity of knowing self, direction and attraction is intimately tied to the free flowing operation of the Will which is the knowing of ones truth, which is the self Souvereign presence that would naturally be felt and known if we were not compromised and ritualistically severed from this simple divine heritage that is our humanities own.

And therefor: #LotusBirth in Love!

Souvereign Freedom

~*~ ✺ ~*~

All the work carried out through this Wananga Of Love is to help free humans individually from their unresolved trauma by providing beautiful Life supporting comprehensions for the navigation of the internal landscape.
Through sharing from the three internal Schools of Syntropy, Souvereignty and Self Love a template is laid to assist everyone called in to re-member who they really are.
This is deep and transformative work that exposes the corruption of mind programming is unveiling the hidden systems by which humanity has been manipulated to stay obedient, fearful and in self perpetuation of trauma.
Please welcome anyone into this group that you love and that you feel is Willing to do the real work within.

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Free, self souvereign human Life expressing and sharing natural comprehensions around human Nature and how Life Functions in all its aspects, expressions and forms by simply questioning the function.

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