Souvereign on the Wananga Of Love

KiaOra Beloveds!! In deep love and gratitude I thank you for supporting us in our journey of walking the Wananga Of Love back into the world of Life.

I have overcome deep severe fear stemming from trauma stepping into this Waka for Love and I am grateful for the meryad of forms that Life offers ways to receive support as I humbly walk my path in innitiating the first beginnings of the return of the Wananga of Love and Ancient Mystery School of deep remembrance, kept safe and sacred through silence for centuries.

I have been asked and am Willing to rise to the calling that is placed within me.

“Will you walk the Wananga Of Love back into the world of Light of Life? Out of the shadows. Out of the silence into the world of Light for it has a great returning to announce, a great restoring to inspire, a great calling to place onto the heart of every living man woman and child that hears this korero.”

This Wananga of Love is to be walked back into the world of Light so to set the tone and prepare the way of the Return of Rongomarae Roa, the Goddess of Peace, to live and be loved within every human living soul walking this earth. Aroha, Love is all we as a culture are destined to return to and the only place this can be done in each living human being on earth is within.

This calling I was charged with brought up all my unresolved trauma that I hadn’t yet transformed back into love and so now I am here in service of a greater dreaming, a greater weaving that is unfolding for it is time to uproot the klepoparasitic cult, our collective mind virus, Wetiko, and all its cult programming with love and care from within ourselves so that a Human collective culture grounded in Deep Love, Freedom navigating in Syntropy with all of Life reclaims its natural, innate, self sovereign place upon this our Earth, Papatuanuku.

This work is worth praising.

This Wanaga is returning.

In love and service to Life that was and forever will remain in Syntropy. I thank you kindly in enabling the initiating team to do the work in grace and Aroha. Our first location where we are opening and thus returning this Wananga of Love from is on the island called Bali, living strong in it’s culture of Love, reverence and respect for all of Life.

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Free, self souvereign human Life expressing and sharing natural comprehensions around human Nature and how Life Functions in all its aspects, expressions and forms by simply questioning the function.

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