Waitaha Wisdom, the study of Syntropy

Syntropy is the Pattern of the Universe. Acknowledged in the naming by hardly anyone outside of what is called Syntropic Agroforestry. And currently, to my knowing, not applied onto and into our “human ecosystems” of the mind, body, soul and spirit of our own individual expression of Life and that in context of our wider community, friends, relatives and extended relations, except for Waitaha’s Teachings.

, Even the “brightest” leading and inspiring “new thought” spreading human beings involved in restoring the intrinsic truth of our divinity as humanity whom are exposing the false light, the false narratives, the cult programming based on lack, scarcity, control and the establishing of false hierarchical structures to blind people from their innate souvereingty and freedom under our Universal Godmind; they are only referring to the principalities, strategies of Life, the Natural Order, as “neg-entropy” (negative entropy) which is basically naming all that the entropic, distorted, unnatural mind-set isn’t but not stating what Life’s Natural strategies of expression ARE. Many know that it is love as fear is an entropic orientation, but is love alone enough to help us navigate into the restoring of humans living again in their original blueprint, the syntropic metric that all of life operates on? Our Waitaha Grandelders encourage the mokopuna to study the greater Patterns of the Universe so to know the ways of peace and love in the living.

– the relevancy of bringing into language-ing the Syntropic Nature of Life’s processes –

Without naming the intrinsic, seemingly veiled or hidden (in the unconscious) knowings of Life as Syntropy and putting into language the “ways”, “means” and simple observable strategies (truths) about what Life IS, what it IS doing and what it IS working towards accomplishing; that without us language-ing and naming these Living strategies we cannot en-mass attain any sense of real freedom for we cannot attune ourselves wholly to navigating Life within our selves or outside ourselves to a syntropic form of relating.

We have been confounded* in our language since the times of so called “Babel”*. That is where the Archonic* rulers seeded the great dispersion in humanity. The latest succession of this confounding has come about through installment of English as the “world language” a predominantly noun based use of words that are not living but concept based forms of relating. English as used and taught throughout our current world was reformed (many times by the “ruling elite” eventuating into a contract based commerce and trade language to aid the spreading of the . When we explore “ancient” ways of human relating we find that there language-ing was verb based and describing the living process in simple forms mostly free of noun based conceptualisations.

“Nouns” as such were and are in indigenous and ancient tongues languages expressing the function of the action, purpose or doing that “things” were used for or what its active role was performing. Through English almost all living principles have been brought into “still” forms, dead forms of stagnant concepts that have their own meaning that often carry double meanings, have gone a lifetime unquestioned and led to extreme levels of distortion in how people relate with each-other.

Exploring this further it has become evident that Language governs our consciousness. Our ability to perceive. That which is not named cannot be seen but merely guessed at and yet all things are name-able. This however takes some training (unlearning) and a willingness to find languageing that can set us free from bondage to our current limited scope of accessing our feelings that hold all story, all deeper knowing of self and all knowing of what is of truth as in Natural Justice, the Natural Order of the living metric we are a part of.

And Yaweh*, (the vengeful and wrathful so called “overlord”) said: Go to, let us go down, and there confound* their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. – Genesis 11:7

For those active in exposing the mind control cult programming of luciferic and highly entropic mind orientations I encourage you to explore finding the language, like I have, to name and thus give form to what Life IS. I know that truly Life Affirming articulating the what ‘naturally just is narrative’ (which speaks of accepting, resolving, restoring and returning to wholeness) doesn’t sell itself well when the failure of third party isn’t pointed at to blame, shame or hold accountable, or there is no judgement placed on those who have brought humanity down into the enslaved mind-set of obedience and permission-asking to external authorities, which can feel “unattractive” to speak around or for the receiver listen to, and this has to do with fragmented aspects of self holding “both sides of the internal narrative” in our minds.

– “The Way” of the Natural Order –

Through the Wananga of Love the “Patterns of Perfection” are being named and explained so they can individually take form again in our mind. We know that without being able to “see as form” the patterns that Life navigates on humans cannot make use of the actual functions that Life is providing us as opportunities for internal growth (returning to freedom and souvereignty).

If we stay with only identifying “syntropy” and the strategies it operates on by saying what syntropy is not, then we inhibit an effective form of relating to these Life processes to come about and thus “Neg-Entropy” (negative entropy) as a naming of what “Life is” (by stating what entropy isn’t doing) is in its entirety insufficient to “explain” or effectively point out what Life “is doing”.

And so Syntropic relating and cultivating an open syntropic minds’ orientation (as opposed to a mind-set) is what from my own direct experience is the “missing link” in understanding our external and internal world with the clarity that is naturally available to ALL human beings, as it names “the living” patterns of perfection and returns through this to our cells the ability to make effective use of the functions for growth that Life is offering and unceasingly is giving rise to.

Through my partaking in the first two training courses held on the land called Australia I was (re) introduced to intrinsic knowings surrounding, involving and pertaining to Life in the Living. Syntropic Agroforestry (as a farming methodology) is brought forth as a culmination of all the acquired natural comprehensions and understandings (a body of wisdom) of what Life/Nature is always working towards and how to work with that instead of against it (industrial agriculture). Syntropic Agroforestry is based on a very clear and concise, experience based, set of teachings of that which Life simply is doing and navigating towards accomplishing. This is called, by one name, co-creating; Abundance.

As I have written in other sharings (relating to the “War of Satan”), Syntropy is the “hidden hand of God” moving through all of creation, of ALL that exists, micro to macro, manifested as matter and un-manifested as energy, ALL is ridden with purpose. This too is simply part of the Natural Order.

Returning to Syntropy as my form of relating with Life has opened up my thorough (natural) abilities as a self souvereign being to start restoring and renewing my minds’ programming in accordance to the Patterns that the Universe expresses everywhere. These are the patterns that Life is truly operating on, under, with and through.

– How to Access and re-activate our own innate abilities in Syntropic relating. –

Through the Wanaga of Love this is exactly what we are returning throughout all sharings and all so called “teachings” or circles of relating. It is the very basis of engaging with each-other. Syntropy is the first principality addressing our relating to Life (within and without) through this “Syntropic Lens”. Naturally as we engage in syntropic relating we engage in the resoundings of the mindsongs of Love as that is the foundational reason Life is expressing itself. This has to do with the knowing that all of Life grows and expands because it is a pleasure.

Syntropy, hence, is Love in action, observable, experience-able when approached with an open Willingness to be curious, an openness to becoming informed of what Life is, on its own accord, everywhere, navigating towards accomplishing.

– The strategies that Life operates on are universal –

Through the retrieved and now publicly taught abundance yielding, regenerative agroforestry method named; Syntropic Agroforestry (Love Agriculture) I learned that observing and questioning with open curiosity (staying out of judgement) what Life is actually “doing” is radically effective in showing and thus enabling me to remember that Life in the soil, Life in the plants, Life expressed in trees, in animal and human Life is following a Universal Pattern.

This Pattern witness-able in every expression of Life is growing, expanding, cultivating and consolidating more biodiversity and density of Life for Life.

Within our own individual “human ecosystem” the knowings of this strategy becomes available and fully applicable when we question again Human Souvereignty, our Human Nature and the Natural Order that we as our intrinsic Human Culture of Love would operate on, from, for, in and under if we weren’t so severely taught brought down into the entropic industrial mind-set of the patriarchal cult programming (and programmers) that have put everything they have in the works to suppress human souvereignty, human freedom, our Free Will and our culture of Love that we naturally, as another Life species, are.

Syntropy, Self Souvereignty and Self Love are thus our triune “Trinity Teachings” that we share on, return to and revolve all our relating around. These sharings are, as the natural comprehensions about Life in the Living, part of every human beings’ intrinsic knowing.

What we are returning during this time are all knowings we have retained and re-membered from what we have been given to us by our Ancestor Waitaha Grandmothers and Grandfathers. It is their writings and knowings of encouraging the Mokopuna to study the Patterns of the Universe that we intimately relate into, so to give basis and rise to an already existing, culturally preserved way of living kept in living awareness by the Nation of Waitaha. They cultivated, maintained and preserved, throughout all their time as a People, the suntheke (syntropic covenant) they formed with Life, Rongo Maraeroa the Goddess of Peace, Io Te Kunenga, Io Matuakore and the Parentless Creator energies of both female and male,
 God Goddess.

And thus below is another excerpt sharing from the Whispers of Waitaha. I hope it raises open curiosity to connect in more with all that our Ancestor Grandmothers and Grandfathers of Waitaha have kept safe and intact through living their traditions as a Nation navigating through time dating back to times before the “Atlantean Deluge”, from before humanity “fell from grace” or better put became infected with the longest running entropic mindvirus Life has endured. (see sharings on #endoftheArchonicGrip, #exposingwetiko#humandamage or #‎wanangaoflove)

Waitaha, meaning water carriers, know themselves as Water Containers of the Creator and in their containers they have been given the many gifts of all that is the Universe. Older than old this ancient matriarchal Nation of Peace, most recently, were and are the original People’s of Aotearoa New Zealand. Waitaha have been Keepers of their original covenant and divine instructions as a settling, traveling and Living Peoples on this Earth, Papatuanuku, under God.

In grace we endeavor to express and share our heartfelt gratitude as we ever so carefully make more connections, share more of the Teachings and of the Teaching Houses. May they all serve to resurrect and help you restore your original Wholeness of being. That you too may come to relate to Life in Syntropy and re-member your Nature.

We pray that Peace, Love, Harmony, Abundance and Freedom may be returned into within, as it was never lost or “not there”, we just forgot and have been misinformed instead.

(The following sharing is in direct relating to my previous sharing around the “Hero’s Journey.” If you haven’t watched this online documentary I wish to encourage you to watch it. The link to that sharing and video is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1637979046310257/permalink/1992244090883749/

In grace and Aroha,

Souvereign Ahnon Aardema

“Souvereign we want to share with you around the Wananga more. We want to explain to you more on everything that will enable you to comprehend in more depth the relevancy and purpose of the journey to Bali, and soon to the greater workings opening in Vanuatu. Follow us and open to page 183 adding the latter part preceding that…”

“Therefor, it is imperative that they are made to go out into the greater community and to seek personally that information sought after. It was felt by the elders that the time and the experience of the individual would benefit both the community and the seeker of the information in the future, for then they would have gained the experience, confidence, self esteem and the support of the elders to experiment, making them that much better off as individuals.This is the foundation of the thinking of the `wananga of Waitaha. It takes the individual and places them in the life and death situation, so that they can make the decision that will enable them to succeed in their search for the things that they think they want.

For the things that the Wananga needs the tauira to learn are presented in such a manner that the tauira is made to live the experiences and to witness the results of the experiences first hand.

Thus, the classroom is taken into the natural environment, and the mind is allowed to fly like the ancient eagle on the huge winds. One instance of learning that the mokopuna was always to remember was the learning of the cold forms of huka, that is the snow.
(…) Everything was possible and was taught. It was the commitment of the Wananga to the greater nation.

The test was for the mokopuna to meet with us relatives the ice, the snow, the cold snow meltwater and to greet them in the manner that all relatives were greeted. That is the Hongi and the speaking of the wkakapapa. It was a very long remembered meeting, and it would not be easily forgotten. The period of time of the meeting was an extended period that was long enough to learn of the feelings of panic, desperate cold and the pain of the contact of the bitter cold, or the searing heat.

After being talked softly trough the experience by the grandmother teacher, the mokopuna learnt to relax and to breathe in the cycle pattern taught earlier and to look into the cold as a friend. It became an experience that would always be a part of the mysteries of the pattern.

This is still a part of the teachings that the mokopuna are given. It is a section of learning of the relatives and forms the bigger pattern of our relationships to the universe. It is one of the reasons that our elders emphasise the importance of the knowledge linking the genealogy of from the mokopuna out into the family and extended family, and then into the great spirit family of the universe. Learning the inter-connectiveness of the individual into the collective, into the universal, gave the mokopuna the greater gift of understanding the original pattern of Creation.

To the elders, everyone and everything had a whakapapa for everything and everyone, so that the tauira could always greet the relative “ all my relatives”, “ oku whanaunga kata,” in the proper manner, And moko, to not do so, that would be discourteous and a show of ignorance, and there is no excuse for ignorance in this wonderful universe that Io Te Kunenga created.

And with that, Grandmother knew that the way into the star teaching was open and complete, and that her moko would now be able to find the way into and out of the thirty-six star houses of the Great Plains of the heavens. Our Tupuna believe that the heavens created in the greatest and most powerful shape of all by Io te Kunenga, the shape being of the Koru or the emerging form, the beloved shape of Io Matuakore, the Parentless Creator energies of both female and male…

Whispers of Waitaha page 183-184

the above korero from our Grandmothers as are all sharings, teachings and learnings we are presented with through the Whispers of Waitaha are “multi dimensional”, multi functional in their living orientation towards the Mokopuna (child).

In one aspect in particular of the above the relevancy of how we conduct ourselves to ALL our relations is emphasized here. This too applies itself to our perceived “enemies” “the icy cold” describing the pain, the resistance one could feel to accept and come into syntropic relating to this “friend”, this relationship as it is PART of Life, it is here, it is experience-able and thus the underlying orientation we benefit training ourselves into (through re-membering) is how to relate with all our relations from Love as they too and ALL IS part of the larger pattern of the Universe.

These intrinsic natural forms of relating and training ourselves to be “welcoming” of the experience we are having in each moment because they too are part of Life, of the Pattern and the Greater Pattern through Time is what I want to emphasise the relevancy around here by the following passage:

“The elders of Waitaha did not put great store in chance, and steadfastly believed in helping with the universal plan and pattern. They did this to such an extend that all individuals within the Waitaha nation were as important in the total scheme of things as were the sun, the moon and the stars.

For without the individual, the creation miracle brought into being by the spoken word of our Creator, the rest of the universe, that was given to this created individual as a garden for the gaining of great knowledge and the pursuit of peace, love and safety did not have any reason for being.”
– Whispers of Waitaha, Te Reo Pupatara, Nga Pugawerewere me te Whanau Waitaha. Pg 95

– Relevant relating to meaning of words references and explaining there function for growth – :

All this is shared to slowly bring in to proper place the succession over past centuries of the increase of the entropic mind-set we as humanity have been induced into whilst resounding the “original” knowings of our Grandmother Wisdom Keepers of Waitaha.

We thus expose that which is not of Love, Human freedom, souvereignty under God Goddess, in co-creation with Life but instead defying God, Syntropy and spell casting beliefs into the human ecosystem that have had tremendous impact of the forming of the western mind-cult that we are in the middle of awakening from.

We know it is only relevant to focus on Syntropy and restoring our Patterns of Perfection within the Greater Pattern of the Universe but the depth of deception needs to be exposed to help re-enable our innate abilities for communion and attunement to the Patterns and strategies of Life in the Living.

Archons: https://www.bibleodyssey.org/…/related-arti…/gospel-of-judas


Rulers, Principalities (Greek: arche and archon). While both terms can be used of human rulers, spiritual entities are in view in Col 1:16. Paul has evil spiritual beings in view in other passages: Rom 8:38; 1 Cor 15:24; Eph 1:21; 3:10; 6:12; Col 2:10, 15. The Septuagint uses archon to translate the Hebrew word sar (“prince”) in Dan 10:13, 21; 12:1, which describe spiritual entities ruling over nations.

Yahweh: https://www.etymonline.com/word/Jehovah…

Confounded: https://www.etymonline.com/search?q=confounded

Babel: https://www.etymonline.com/search?q=babel

– Relevant influential Patriarchal form givers (organons) to western entropic mind-setting –

These men “named” or professed their be lie f systems, asserting authority over those who had little capacity to “explain” the workings of God in the fields, streams, stars houses and Universe. They were deeply dis-eased and infected as such causing “new thought” to become adopted and practiced as if it was reality. Through their naming and turning the focus on what they shared they (inadvertently) did NOT name (publicly) but kept secret the MANY knowings of Life, Syntropy, Synergy, Emergence, the constant collaborative Nature of Life, the harmony, higher states of bio-resonance that Life is always pursuing and instead analytically, “scientifically” framed a mind-set that gave rise and expression to much distortion and the subsequent entropic cult programming we received as our (d)education about “reality”.

We know it is relevant to name them by their names as within our collective consciousness they too are Archetypal Principalities still exerting their programs of believe (believe systems) that millions upon millions unconsciously subscribe to through the be-lie-ve systems. When we turn to the Mystical Gnostics such as Jacob Boehme, relatings from the Cathars, the Essenes and other non-infiltrated Nations, we can see how the Archonic mindvirus of individual superiority of mans’ mind led into the infusion of stark “Agnostic” thought, Occult practices to seed the beginnings of a One World Luciferic Order mindtality.

We promote the interconnectedness and natural place of man in the Natural Order (Patterns) of Life with Life for we are a part of Life, are intimately related to the Earth, the Sky, the Waters, the Plants, insects and animals. All is part of this intricate web and weave of Io the Parentless creator God Goddess.

Exposing some of the core western cult programmers from which all Modern Era “isms” have sprung forth (any ism is a human created fantasy and leads inevitably to living out of coherence with the totality of Life as it segregates simply by naming what it is focusing on and thus leaving out the much larger Patterns of interconnectedness).

Life does not function in isolation and thus all though promoted that leaves out Life, God, Syntropy, Synergy, the continual Symbiosys and interlinked and related nature of all of Life leads to deception; Men “trying” to understand or simply undermine the Mind of God. With their ability to wordy word spell cast they wrote up their “thesis’s”, “protocols”, “proclamations” ALL THAT ARE BUT self created FANTASIES hidden behind expensive, sometimes hard to comprehend wordsounds rewarded with being Knighted or raised in an illusionary hierarchy of so called importance for their conjuring up of their, God presence disguising, underlying outcomes.

Ever since Babel has there been a strong (mind virus) orientation active to delude, distort, hide, restrain, restrict and obscure the simple sacred innate knowings of the hidden hand of Gods infinite creative wisdom and Humanities self souvereign Nature as a human Family of Love.

And so we too “Name”. We name the namers and name from a place of Love, the entropic cultured mind programs that were induced into our human ecosystem. Through our deeper comprehension that ALL of Life (even the darkest of dark, evilist of evil) is bound to perform its function with purpose for growth, renewal and expansion of Life’s self knowing and self expression their writings too perform a function to return us to souvereignty, freedom and a clear mind in coherence with Life, with the Patterns of Life and all our relationship.

For us as individuals are we able to make use of its function for growth or do we stay in projection, judgement and resentment, thus holding ourselves captive to the very ideas these that the master spellcasters seeded into our collective consciousness as promising but shackeling and bad dreams full of dead ideas?

(Obviously) Darwin, Newton, John Dee, Descartes, Francis Bacon, Aleister Crowly, Madam Blavadsky, Albert Pike, Anton LaVey, Heinrich Himmler

John Dee: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dee…




Francis Bacon and John Dee: http://www.sirbacon.org/links/dblohseven.html

Descartes and Bacon: http://www.thingsrevealed.net/dscrtbacn.htm

Francis Bacon: http://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/sta/sta41.htm
“It was in recognition of Bacon’s intellectual accomplishments that King James turned over to him the translators’ manuscripts of what is now known as the King James Bible for the presumable purpose of checking, editing, and revising them. The documents remained in his hands for nearly a year, but no information is to be had concerning what occurred in that time. Regarding this work, William T. Smedley writes: ” It will eventually be proved that the whole scheme of the Authorised Version of the Bible was Francis Bacon’s.” (See The Mystery of Francis Bacon.) The first edition of the King James Bible contains a cryptic Baconian headpiece. Did Bacon cryptographically conceal in the Authorized Bible that which he dared not literally reveal in the text–the secret Rosicrucian key to mystic and Masonic Christianity?”






Descartes: https://www.iep.utm.edu/desc-sci/

Aleister Crowley: https://www.thoughtco.com/aleister-crowley-thelemic-prophet…

Anton LaVey: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Satanic_Bible

Heinrich Himmler- mk ultra programming: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/…/esp_sociopol_mindcon02…

Waaaaay more Relevant relatings from Gnostic Early Christian Thought:



PLEASE NOTE: the overwhelming list of links above are ONLY sought out by me and shared to assist in the clarification of the cult programming, to unveil it by naming it and making it visible to see it with eyes unclouded.

The Entropic Matrix of believes are ALL based on inverted or distorted truths about Life so PLEASE remember to “invert the narratives” of those proclaiming ANY path or ideology of sorts, MEASURE instead what you read to whether it is in resonance with ALL of Life and whether it is based on exclusion or is excluding parts of the Greater Web of Life that it sits in, for when that can be felt their FUNCTION can be made use of for growth, their “authority” or relevancy can appropriately be placed in the larger Patterns of Life IN WHICH most of ANY “ism” or ideology is but a perception and connection limiting narrative taking us away from our Original Heritage as the Children of Peace, the Children of God, our Human Family of Love that we truly are here to bring restoration and expression to.

In grace and aroha,

Souvereign Ahnon Aardema

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Free, self souvereign human Life expressing and sharing natural comprehensions around human Nature and how Life Functions in all its aspects, expressions and forms by simply questioning the function.

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