Authentic Relating with Younglings

~Navigating life around the younglings in natural frequency, their home frequency~

“if you want your children to know their own self worth, show them that they are worthy of your time, presence and focus, treat them as being fully equal and just as important as the other “adults” around you.”

Younglings in their natural innocence, curiosity and openness towards Life, all coming from and with Love in their relating, are looking up to the grownups for reaffirming, acknowledging and supporting indicators of their own unique souvereign self – that is exploring and experiencing Life on this Earth.

Naturally each youngling is a unique, totally original self expressing form of human life, souvereign as it came to this earth (like all other human mammals) with the gift of Free Will; freedom of choice based on feeling the feelings that naturally indicate whether She or He likes or wants something, or not.

Naturally all humans born on earth are equal, no one human mammal is worth any more than any of the others and to think or believe even slightly differently to this natural comprehension of human equality can lead to causing severe traumatising experiences for younglings.

– Anything that isn’t of love, imprints.-

“The way you would never speak to grownups is how you should never speak to children. What makes grownups worthy more of your respectful communication than children?

Why is it ok to tell children off, correct them or tell them what to do and how, with force while you would never speak so directing to your friends or strangers? I bet that if you seriously asked why, that you would find that you “allow” that because that is how it was done to you. This i call cultural programming and it’s not part of our Nature, it’s part of our own trauma instead”

Speaking to younglings as if they know less, understand less, “need” to know more, “need” to be taught “things”, “need” to be shown “things” are all human created fantasies that overwrite the natural souvereignty of the younglings, direspecting their feelings, their wants and personal attractions in Life and they are instead “overruled” by the grownups with intelligised reasons for navigation (stemming from fear and scarcity mentalities). This imprints and provides the younglings with unnice experiential information about how the “world works” according to the grownups and this learned “under-standing” goes against the feeling based nature of His or Her own young cells.

The innate cellular wiring of knowing truth from within (we are all equal, we are all free, we are all family, we are all love) for most younglings gets overwritten by so called “rules”, and “this is how “we” do it”. Have you ever wondered why younglings ask “why?” so often? It’s mostly because the intellectualised reasoning of the grownups has no actual basis in the living natural reality (which is feeling based) and when non existing, non living “things”, ideas, concepts or better put fantasies are prioritised over checking in with how He or She feels about doing something then the feelings are not valued and subsequently feelings may arise of feeling rejected or not valued.

The traditional way that the English language is used and applied in “modern day” interactions is certainly not helping navigating relating with with younglings openly, transparently and equally.

This perceived inability to check in with how the younglings feels about doing something, or doing “it” in a certain way stems mostly from pre-existing trans-generational trauma within the grownups, compounded by years of cultural conditioning, adopting believes and ideas about “how the world works” and regurgitating them out to the next generation.

Much of this way of relating to reality is based on trying to “making sense” out of things in order to feel safe, stable and certain. Meanwhile what is avoided (to the detriment of the youngling) is open feeling based communication around navigating Life, moment to moment and being vulnerable when it feels that way.

“English was created for the purpose of commerce and trade and is filled with nouns all relating to all sorts of forms of contracts, agreements, exchanges which are all based on monetary value or capital worth and has very little to do with feeling based relating.

Even when people think they are expressing their feelings they are just speaking in economic terms. For instance “i appreciate your help” comes from an “appreciation” which is appraising or measuring the value of a things worth, and it is not a feeling”

The foundation for “raising” younglings within themselves is through respectful relating and checking in with how they feel. This takes practice, training even to undo the programming we’ve been operating from, this naturally requires sincere Willingness to train oneself to navigate relating differently.

Feeling based relating or Conscious Relating (being really real and transparent in our feelings) with younglings is a serious training as most grownups were not “raised” in a way where their own free Will felt respected. In most of the “western” families where grownups today come from, feelings and being checked in with how they felt about doing things was not practiced. At best things were suggested. To be addressed as a fully equal individual wasn’t part of how their parents were raised and so due to this programming it is common to find that grownups find it really hard to openly and consciously relate with younglings based on feelings.

When practiced seriously with younglings, the grownups can start to heal, reveal and free their own unresolved emotionally charged experiences of receiving the opposite while being young. In this way the younglings can perform an amazing function to bring awareness to what is unresolved from long ago and in return Life with the younglings will be more enjoyable, more free, more real, equal and natural, closer to our own originally intended nature.

Younglings are born in their natural innocence, they are pure human nature, untainted, free and fragile. To “believe” anything different than this, or to uphold any other fantasies over younglings (speaking on behalf of their self souvereign individuality by means of generalising them into a group or upholding ideas about how or what “children are”) all means relying on external parties’ ideas, ideologies and external cultural conditioning created by others.

All are just fantasies over the simple nature that younglings are living in and from. Moreso all these intelligised “assumptions” or “prethinkings” that are entertained as “truths” about babies’ behaviour, “what children are secretly trying to do” or the so called “truths about the world” have nothing to do with how we are actually feeling, instead, when explored, they are all stemming from judgment based in fear, lack and a trauma based “need” to control or to be certain way (because back then it wasn’t safe)

“All judgements in and of itself only ever say something about whats is unresolved within as we are never able to speak on behalf of others. We can only speak on behalf of our experience and our feelings.”

Younglings offer a unique and beautiful function and opportunity to train in conscious relating with. They are fully able to live in the present moment, able to relate to their feelings with more ease and naturally trusting in the good willingness of the gentle and caring nature all humans posses. Naturally they are looking at us for the gentle guidance, support, love and indications that they are safe, nurtured, provided for and that they don’t “have” to do anything because we can speak to them as equals – same level communication – where we don’t tell them what to do but we ask in with them how they feel about doing something, checking in with IF they want something or if they are feeling willing to do something. And if they don’t want that to then ask in (if curiosity is following) if they feel to share why they don’t want to do something.

When younglings are not checked in with consistently they easily disconnect from their precious sense of purpose and belonging here on earth, leading to later in Life engaging in many coping mechanisms (which all serve but one greater function – to hopefully resolve these unresolveds.)


all Life is innately wired for health, thrival, and abundance. Life is only ever collaborating, performing functions for eachother for growth and natural living. Life within the human organism is always working towards resolving unresolved imprinting from the cells. It does this in order to reach its own unique talent and role in the larger humansphere. Doing harm, suppressing or rejecting others are not in our nature, they are symptoms of our own unresolved traumas resurfacing for potential healing and this requires committed willingness to resolve, one emotional reaction at a time.

Follow the Younglings, they know, they are often still deeply connected to their nature and they Love to be met as equals it builds their sense felt knowing of self worth.


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