Souvereign on ending the luciferic ritualistic child sacrifice culture

“Well in essence this is what the Wananga Of Love is about addressing the actual dissolving of wetiko, the kleptoparasitic mindvirus here on earth. I feel strongly to relate more with you when I feel in a place for this. I am free of agendas that involve my own humandamage and am slowly able to surrender to this greater calling that is coming from ancient times to practically, in the living, with the living, for the living, reset the tone of our original human blueprint; Souvereignty. Freedom, peace and simply love. Also known as human nature. “

–This work can only be done within one individual at the time IF they are willing. Even reading this without willingness to look at where cultprogramming may reside within is rendering this sharing back to your own entropic cultprogramming ‘overlords’. You have to truly be willing and restore your Self Souvereign Will if you want to become free of fear programming attached to unresolved trauma. —

My gifts are around forefeeling the future (and reality trajectories upon which I navigate) and retrieving the language to name what I have seen. To then match it with the practical in the living forms that life through its Syntropic strategies naturally navigates on. (often easiest by inverting the narrative) Hence I found how to restore wholeness within the internal landscape of the mind because I have come to remember how to reintegrate the dismembered aspects of self. Which is through resolving trauma. Which dissolves programs based on fear. Which allows us to dissolve demonic programs (condensed hurt) and return them to where they actually want to go.

This topic is rather expansive and due to the interwoven interconnected nature of life and how this luciferic programming benefits effectively addressing (if we want to navigate this from a place that truly resolves and dissolves the presence within and subsequently without.)

Much of the work I am pursuing does come from a rather “cosmic” place but such is the nature of this experiment that has run its course well and now is being addressed. First in spoken form, but once our ancient dreamseeds are germinating we are going to restructure grids, timelines and inter-dimensionally apply the restorative function that the special children carry within to perform. These children are the “left overs” from a widespread cult of lucifer worshipping that used them for their latent abilities. In short we are going to work with some of the most potentialised children to restore, dissolve and bring about a metric that returns individuals to a culture of love, peace and fearlessness.

We must however heal the fractured minds of these children first and assist them in the rapid remembering of the fragments and unveiling of all mental programming they have been induced with. This is my field of expertise I suppose – how to navigate the internal landscape to find the split off personas and bring them home. Restoring the natural order of the minds functions whilst benefiting from the “carved out” synthetically cultivated mind-spirit capacity.

We have a saying in Dutch (the land I was born on is west Friesland) “to return someone a cooky of their own dough-making”. Life always had it coming for those violating the natural order. Such is the causal nature of Life that is ever wired to grow towards the light, expanding, growing, harnessing, storing and transforming Life density onto and into the ecosystem it is an intricate part of. Life however doesn’t fight. Only “satan” is having a war. Only those seeking to “break the god code” (Syntropy) are in constant struggle and fight to suppress, repress, control, alter, manipulate, rape and violate the natural flow of life.

Life naturally is responding and through our Wananga Of Love we follow in the footsteps of the Goddess of Peace. Rongomaraeroa, to simply do what is natural, what has been avoided, what has been feared even by those who started this long long dream filled with so much distortion of the natural order.

Much like the narrative of the x men school for special children… We just won’t fight, as our power through the souvereign host authority that we simply are as divinely connected beings, is superior to any demonic program and or field frequency. (If we are free of trauma) These children when returned to their uninhibited original innocence (and thus powers) from a place of true peace are the ones that can actually address the collective consciousness and I haven’t yet seen or felt what is possible in these cross dimensional realities. All I know is that they know.

The reason to work with “former” mk Ultra children is because of how they have been cultivated. Skills, talents, natural abilities that have been deeply edged out, carved out as such so to harvest the energies that they could transmit or make use of the function that these children could perform. It’s all been based on raping divinity. Violating Souvereignty. Trespassing the natural order and harvest the energetic responses. They have meticulously made this a craft and refined their techniques that have been developed over centuries and centuries of perfecting the manipulation, alteration and violation of our divinity.

The depth of understanding of the divinity of humankind is most likely known best by those who have spend the last 100 years applying and deploying the wealth of every western nation into the matrix of the deep state through which scientific studies (and every offshoot of its presence) has had some form of supportive function to gain access to the deepest insights into the human spiritualised form, into the potency and life force potential that the Living spirited Human form has “available” as a conduit, as a capacitor (and how to hack into it, to bleed and feed on its life giving frequencies that are of the Living Spirit. )

Through the Wananga of Love (an ancient lemurian mystery school of remembering) we remove younglings from the fear based control systems that are ALL false narratives and instead thank the luciferic orientations for the cultivated state that has been accessed so to make use of these activated, heightened capacities and bring about peace again. The first wave of younglings will awaken the next group and yeah its all pretty much unlimited from there.

So yeah, I Totally hear you around the spiritual bypassing through the ongoing entertaining of spiritual fantasies. It’s another program as are many so called spiritual ways of relating to “reality”, that’s where the control is most effective. People relating to reality or the matrix and not Life the Of the Living Spirit in living form- Syntropy

Location…Planning. … Wise ways of navigating are all relevant as we address the cultivated clusterfuk of a situation that we are in but love and acceptance leads to freedom and from that place we surpass the limitations that we perceive are contained or placed before us. From the study of Syntropy and comprehending deeply the way nature is and navigates Life and how Life navigates (and that all Human systems internal and external are bound by the Syntropic nature of life (everything performs a function with purpose over time ) ) from that place we navigate the “making use” of the function of the kleptoparasitic cult of lucifer and all the cult programmed by products it has conjured up. All false narratives – all entropic fantasies – which ALL remain false narratives as the absolute truth of Life is just that; absolute.

So yeah this work can only be done within one individual at the time if they are willing. They have to truly be willing and restore their Self Souvereign Will if they want to become free of fear programming attached to unresolved trauma.

This is where our Wananga Of Love takes a deep calm breathe in and out as there is no rush. No speed by which this “needs to” be done with. The whole “need to” narrative is false programming coming from unresolved trauma anyways. We can simply question how Life functions. How life navigates itself and follow the inherent Syntropic studies that we through simple observation and open questioning can access and remember for ourselves. Realisations that time and time again can make us feel at peace. Make us feel at Home. Here in the now. That all is perfectly as it is and it is moving, growing as it is living life in motion.

Syntropy has been the missing link. And of course Syntropy has not been named as being of any relevance by the luciferic, free Masonic, Jesuit fantasy “priesthoods” of the so called western / modern churches of “science”. If you simply don’t give an English sound to a principality of the living metric of consciousness as it is manifesting into material form and expressing itself or at least you distort both its meaning and hide its common use through socially engineering “cultural focus” to point at other things then you take away the people’s ability to speak about these principalities.

Language governs our consciousness. It governs what we can see within and without. It governs how well we can relate with what we are experiencing and it has for me been so relevant to remember again how to relate based on feelings. To exit the glorified landscape of the mind that has had such an over bearing presence in all my past navigation. From comprehending the Syntropic functions and outcomes or effects of what inducing trauma into human cells bring about it makes total sense that we have ended up with a head-heavy, fear based, need-to-control based form of relating to reality. One that is based on the utterly false narratives of scarcity and lack. Life is abundance. We are of Life. So yeah, Once Syntropic relating is reactivated or remembered (which is really easy because we ourcells are nature, we are of life and all living strategies out there in nature operate on the same navigational orientations that we have on and in our own individual human ecosystem)

In short Syntropic relating returns our cells to the natural frequencies of peace, harmony and a resting in this reassuring feeling of safety through belonging, being connected, being held, being perfect, being loved and able to love. Life and the remembering how her systems, how her patterns function and operate. Within and without. Below and above. All is based on Natures intrinsic blueprint that operates on strategies that when we become as children can easily access and then play with. “

Souvereign answering to a questioning in around relating on full spectrum solution developing to deal with the Luciferic mindvirus pandemic here on earth.

Love is our way Home.

Kia Kaha, Kia Mia, Kia Manawanui: Be Strong, Be steadfast, Be Willing

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Free, self souvereign human Life expressing and sharing natural comprehensions around human Nature and how Life Functions in all its aspects, expressions and forms by simply questioning the function.

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