Sanctuaries for the New Earth

You may know of my ongoing involvement in the New Earth Project and this years World Health Sovereignty Summit we delivered during the rise of the pandemic that has affected the world at large.

Through Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth I always had a strong alignment with the New Earth Project metric. It is beautiful to sense now so many years later that the New Earth Sanctuaries initiative that I launched with Para Pachamama is finding good soil here in Bali at the New Earth Haven.

I recently re-edited this sharing from 2011 called “Sanctuaries for the New Earth”. It went out to 30.000 people through our New Earth Media newsletter for I hope it may lead you to feel inspired.

Sanctuaries for the New Earth

One of the accepted meanings of the word sanctuary is a place of refuge. Such a space is one of safety or restful comfort, a state of feeling at ease, and feeling protected. It equally is a place of thriving, of love in abundance, a place for communion with the Sacred, with Spirit, with Land, with the Waters, with all 7 directions and of course ourselves.

Based on the ancient belief that ‘outcome is governed by intent’, the appreciation of the beauty around us enables us to feel love, and send out positive, life affirming, vibrations that become distributed throughout the space. When this is done through willful invocation and clear intention setting, for either a small room or a large property, a Sanctuary space becomes activated. Some envision there to be a force field of light as a dome of light to be enclosing the entire perimeter of the space, others feel the invocated field to be guarded by the Ancestors and Spirit Guides of the space…

Because all of Life is interconnected and always responds to love based frequencies, the heart based intentions seth forth through our mindsong become absorbed into the ether – into the earth, and into all flora and fauna within the proclaimed finite boundary of a New Earth Sanctuary. Life within this space can come and play in the spaciousness that is intended for harmony, peace and co-creation. When our intentions and comprehension of the interplay of our manifesting powers are aligned for the greater good of all, a Sanctuary for the New Earth becomes active.

Any sentient being crossing the finite boundary into this sanctuary can feel the difference in energy from that which is ‘outside’ of the boundary. Through the natural laws of syntropy and coherence, the space being respected and loved ongoingly by the Sanctuary guardian care takers, allows Life to also inform our Stewardship role when we are willing to enter into deeper communion with what the Land wants, what Life wants.

A New Earth Sanctuary is held in awareness and maintained through mindfulness of being. It is supported by a willingness to move away from the use of industrial chemicals which allows animals, birds, reptiles, and in fact all organic life forms, a place where they can thrive and bring about Life in abundance.

Attuning to the natural cycles of Nature through celebration and ceremony is a life-way of living that fosters the expansion of peace, joy, harmony and abundance, each adding bio-resilience (strength) and longevity to the space of love.

It does not take long for the results to be noticed and enjoyed. The rewards are far greater than can be expressed in words, as New Earth Living is moving beyond language where our navigation is our communion.

We can all inspire the world to awaken, yet, the activation of bringing into being the New Earth, we do where we live in the physical, and no space is too small. In this process bringing forth the Feminine Wisdom that innately knows of the birthing process, has always been foundational to be heard and brought more closely into our dreaming for the New Earth moving forward. 

In grace,


Ps if you feel attracted to learn more about New Earth Media and our rising projects for humanity don’t hesitate to email me!

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Free, self sovereign human Life expressing and sharing natural comprehensions around human Nature and how Life Functions in all its aspects, expressions and forms by simply questioning the function.

One thought on “Sanctuaries for the New Earth

  1. Hi Souv

    I resonate with the soothing flow of the mindsongs you write….thank you 🙂

    As per the invitation at the end of your post, what can you tell me about New Earth Media rising projects, that may clarify if or where my energy might align further?

    In grace


    On Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at 4:54 PM Souvereign Sharing wrote:

    > Souvereign posted: ” You may know of my ongoing involvement in the New > Earth Project and this years World Health Sovereignty Summit we delivered > during the rise of the pandemic that has affected the world at large. > Through Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth I always had a s” >


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