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sjoerd souvereign

I have received several requests, comments and suggestions.. to write more, to publicize my writings or at least “keep sharing more”.

Well.. there isn’t a whole lot more to say.. It was all along that simple, in all it’s complexity..

Reclaiming sovereignty only can happen from within each individual and surrendering all the patriarchal programming by being Willing is the only way forward to really coming “Home”.

Connect in with me if you ever get “stuck” again.. Whether #cultprogramming #primaryimprinting #demonicattacks #mkultra #mindhealing #remembering #splitpersonas #deeptrauma #fearpanic all thoughts, feelings and reactions always perform a Syntropic function for Love to become restored, Souvereignty to be reclaimed and thus freedom to become experienced… all which is just our original blue print, our Nature

and yes… i may write some more from my little bush house at East of Eden where Anew is breathing.. for there are more things to share, all of which you all know already but maybe benefit breathing in too…

In grace,

Souvereign Ahnon Aardema

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