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My connection to Sophia in me, is my place of my own innate cosmic knowing, my own intimate connection to Life and all that is, from which I have felt separated and disconnected since childbirth.

It has felt to “me” as separated, but “me” began only when i was brought into this patriarchal matrix with violence, through physical harm, disconnecting me from my original innocence and thus feeling separate from Love, from Life, from Sophia, from me. My connection was only temporarily suspended and only in my own perceptive experience.

My Return to the Womb, healing my Birth Trauma and my premature separation restored beyond measure more than thought was possible. From this renewed place within  I now share to shine light and illuminate all that stands in the way of Syntropy, Freedom, Peace and Aroha.

Throughout human his-story Guardians of the Divine Feminine “chose” consciously to live a Life in service to Her to protect, safe guard and carry on the Feminine Wisdom traditions in-spite of the cult of the patriarchy threatening their livelihoods. We live in brighter days today and yet I am standing in for Life, for Her, for Human Nature, for Natural Justice and all those without a voice, this is why I am here; to return the Wananga of Love back to Life.

In my own cells I am reactivating my cultural return to my Nature through my own Self Souvereign human form.

As I re-member and restore who and what I deeply am, I return to Her, Sophia, Love, She.

From within that I become Deeply Him; courage, strength, freedom, a fearless living Spirit embodied within these beauty full cells.

I am going Home
and I want you to come with me.
You’ve got to walk there on your own
as only you can set you free.
But we can be holding hands
as we journey into ourselves.

Home to Love.
Back to innocence into Souvereignty,
into freedom, into joy and into pleasure.

Thank you for seeing yourself reflected in me.

I have received several requests, comments and suggestions.. to write more, to publicize my writings or at least “keep sharing more”.

Well.. there isn’t a whole lot more to say.. It was all along that simple, in all it’s complexity..

the reading, of this Sophia message, is indeed easy, the living embodiment of this is what is the real reality, and that’s were most get stuck.. and yet, it is all here ever so delicate, nurturing and real:

“Souvereign, that the Devine Feminine is returning is an understatement – She is, was and forever will be here – this is reclaiming our human culture, returning to the natural true Souvereign Matriarchy which is full of Love and full of Life.

Reclaiming only can happen from within each individual and surrendering all the patriarchal programming by being Willing is the only way forward to really coming “Home”, and the Womb, is the Way there.”

Connect in with me if you ever get “stuck” again.. Whether #cultprogramming #primaryimprinting #demonicattacks #mkultra #mindhealing #remembering #splitpersonas #deeptrauma #fearpanic all thoughts, feelings and reactions always perform a Syntropic function for Love to become restored, Souvereignty to be reclaimed and thus freedom to become experienced… all which is just our original blue print, our Nature

and yes… i may write some more from my little bush house at East of Eden where Anew is breathing.. for there are more things to share, all of which you all know already but maybe benefit breathing in too…

In grace,

Souvereign Ahnon Aardema

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