Souvereign on Finding Freedom

Lost a Loved One. Retrieving the connection to Love, to Her my “Lost Love How do i retrieve these memories? How do i find my inner She who carries in her my story, which is Her story of the premature separation, the raping of my Original Innocence and Freedom. Being willing to find the memory […]

Foundings to our Wananga of Love

Our small initiating team has been hearing the calling for the Wananga of Love to be shared again. We have taken up our response abilities for this current chapter of this Wananga early in 2018 when the first whispers for this calling were send out through Para Pachamama’s Global Community Network. The response was small […]

Waitaha Wisdom, the study of Syntropy

Syntropy is the Pattern of the Universe. Acknowledged in the naming by hardly anyone outside of what is called Syntropic Agroforestry. And currently, to my knowing, not applied onto and into our “human ecosystems” of the mind, body, soul and spirit of our own individual expression of Life and that in context of our wider […]

More on Syntropy from Anew

I have received several requests, comments and suggestions.. to write more, to publicize my writings or at least “keep sharing more”. Well.. there isn’t a whole lot more to say.. It was all along that simple, in all it’s complexity.. the reading, of this Sophia message, is indeed easy, the living embodiment of this is […]

Wananga Of Love explained

Through the Wananga of Love (University of Greater Learning about Syntropy, self souvereignty and self love) I am fostering awareness and support for the establishment of both a physical Wananga, as a meeting place (likely in Vanuatu) and a online learning centre for activating the re-membering of who we really are. The Wananga of Love […]