Life Full of Purpose: Syntropy

“Every Living process in Life is performing every function it expresses in its growth, movement and directional orientations only ever with purpose. Humans are Life and every living process within and from our cells only ever performs a function with purpose. Questioning the function allows for discovering it’s purpose.Entering the study of Syntropy, of Life, […]

Awakening through Rachel’s testimony

This is Rachel Vaughans’ explicit testimony to the International Tribunal of Natural Justice, Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex-abuse. Rachel has recently stepped forward wanting to go public through the ITNJ with a most indepth, detailed, raw, real and deeply relevant witness account exposing the horrors of child sexual abuse rings […]

Souvereign on Supporting the ITNJ

I started reading “Child Hunters: Requim of a Childkiller” as mentioned by Robert David Steele during his following introduction at the ITNJ’s Judicial Commission of Enquiry into Child sex abuse and human trafficking. Click to watch the excerpt of Chief Counsel Robert David Steele Please, if you haven’t, inform yourself about the ITNJ’s work and […]

Souvereign on the Wananga Of Love

KiaOra Beloveds!! In deep love and gratitude I thank you for supporting us in our journey of walking the Wananga Of Love back into the world of Life. I have overcome deep severe fear stemming from trauma stepping into this Waka for Love and I am grateful for the meryad of forms that Life offers […]

Community Roadmap for our Post Deep State human family

Talking about Syntropy involves exposing roughly around 6000 years of entropic cult programming so maybe just make a cup of tea and take this sharing as some light entertainment for your brain cells. My “learneth” field of expertise is how Syntropy expresses itself throughout every form of living Life and all Life processes. How to […]