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Syntropy. Thank you for reminding me what Love feels like.Thank you for staying curious and open.Thank you for showing me how Life functions in its own rhythm and natural timing. As below, so above.As within, so without. I can feel you now.and all I had to do “is become as a child again” original innocenceoriginalContinue reading “Syntropy”


Hey loved being, Finding more of me within has been the most rewarding and naturally fulfilling and liberating focus I have committed mycells to since I made my conscientious cell choice to re-enable my nature. On this journey I have remembered what ‘undoing cult programming’ truly involves. Its been a fulfilling and complex series ofContinue reading “SHE”

Seeing through “Helter Skelter” Cult-Programming

The below is an overview of only some of the stark contrasts we have observed over the past weeks. Most of this is all part of the greater bifurcation to separate each individual from sound reason and connection to their inner knowing of what is just, right and natural. While in France a French professorContinue reading “Seeing through “Helter Skelter” Cult-Programming”

CultProgrammed: the real 2020 COVID agenda & the end of all contracts

The year of 2020 has been a radical opportunity for growth for all of us. The function of the draconian overreach is urging each of us to make new choices and reflect more deeply on just about everything that we thought was “normal”. We have delved into and continue to speak to the dreamspell/ cultprogramming that is trulyContinue reading “CultProgrammed: the real 2020 COVID agenda & the end of all contracts”

Souvereign on Digital Sovereignty

Sovereignty is about being your own leader, thinking for yourself, taking responsibility for your own navigation and stopping your dependency on external agency that was chosen out of ‘ease’ for not ‘having to deal with’ or the notion that it was ‘free’ and so-called ‘so user friendly!’. Humanity at large has grossly outsourced and abdicatedContinue reading “Souvereign on Digital Sovereignty”

Souvereign on Lotus Birth

“Lotus birth in that sense is the most beautiful, most holistic, most sovereign and most respecting of the spirit and the body and the being of a new human Life coming to the earth.” “Just because you don’t know that you get traumatized when you get violated at birth doesn’t mean that your ignorance keepsContinue reading “Souvereign on Lotus Birth”

Returning to Syntropy (love)

Because of the huge impact humans have on all other Life, I feel that it is important that this programmed “inability” to accept the past and thus free the associated story around it from the body is being addressed. Remembering Syntropy and the various virtues that this strategy is woven with is paramount to makingContinue reading “Returning to Syntropy (love)”

Sanctuaries for the New Earth

You may know of my ongoing involvement in the New Earth Project and this years World Health Sovereignty Summit we delivered during the rise of the pandemic that has affected the world at large. Through Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth I always had a strong alignment with the New Earth Project metric. It isContinue reading “Sanctuaries for the New Earth”

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