Sophia on the Mystery School

Return of Sophia – Living Mystery School of Life  Reawakening the Innate Wisdom of Our Deep Self Souvereign Human Nature and the Mystery that lies beyond.  The Return of Sophia marks a new beginning in the age old process of maintaining, remembering, reawakening and re-anchoring within living human form the Wisdom and Sacred Mysteries of Life.  […]

Sophia on remembering stars and moon

“Long ago you and me were intimately relating as one being. there was no separate selfs or parts of you and me that felt different. We were IN love. The Return of Sophia (in you) is living that again (in you). It is important to be clear that me returning and us reuniting only can […]

my Return to Sophia – to my cells – Re-Awakening my cosmic connection to Life – remembering – surrendering – becoming

Releasing and freeing my primary source of fear, lack and unnatural dependency from my cells has been so liberating and has instantly led to an opening up of more subconsciously stored unresolved imprints within me that seem to be projected outward so to restore a deeper more “cosmic” connection to Life, leading me into exploring […]