Souvereign on Syntropy in the human biosphere

This is thus far the best reflection on Syntropy and the practice of Syntropic Agroforestry transponed into the human biosphere, within your own internal ecosystem. Because we humans are Life, and all of Life outside of our selves (Nature) follows the strategy called Syntropy we can find this strategy operating in our own internal Agroforest […]

Souvereign on Reclaiming Deep Love

How to restore the “Hearts’ connection” to Deep Love, to source, to the Wombfield called Life from within Ever felt that something is missing deep within? this deep yearning for a deeper connection inside of yourself. It may have been reflected by your longing of connecting deeper with Him, your partner, your lover, but not […]

the Wananga of Love; how to free yourself from fear

the Wananga of Love is a key or corner stone to the process of returning to freedom again, one human at a time, weakening the grip and freeing souls up from the traps of the past and the future so to come and explore and live, through direct experience of the real reality, their soul […]

Souvereign on Sacred relationships with Men

Sacred Relationships with men – How to resolve the unresolved with the Primary He and make use of his reflective function for you, in you. I’ve been relating deeply and openly through feeling based relating with many She’s over the past 4 years and because I am a He – I have been intrigued to […]

Souvereign on Lotus Birth

“Lotus birth in that sense is the most beautiful, most holistic, most sovereign and most respecting of the spirit and the body and the being of a new human Life coming to the earth.” “Just because you don’t know that you get traumatized when you get violated at birth doesn’t mean that your ignorance keeps […]