Course in Syntropy (video library)

Hey ya! Look that’s me in a coconut tree!

Yes, I am a bit of a wild mammal 🙂 .. naturalised (again) by Nature.

So, below is the recording from the email.

Please keep this just for you so that others can find their way here with the appropriate context laid down before they do so.

After listening this please write down:

– what stood out for you
– what came up as resistance, feeling complex and or had a judgement
(on either yourself, me, or the world)

– what you you feel you have unclarity around putting into practice

Here normally would go a testimonial from someone who loves what your sharing Souvereign! Like a quote from their feedback. Maybe they want to add some feedback if you put a button here for it….😉

Jane Doe

Please share your mid-course impressions or feedback

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