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If you completed the Course in Syntropy and feel to leave some comments please do so on the form provided below.

I appreciate your honest sharing in how my mindsong and all the sharings I felt to sent through have felt in your experience.

Be welcomed to be open and real with what feels relevant to share.

If you feel attracted contribute to my sharing capacity efforts to reach out to more people, I have included a donation option, but I ask of you to only do so if you feel willing and able. The whole intend of the Course in Syntropy was for you to receive!

Of course I will be sharing more with you moving forward (unless you unsubscribe).

Through the BraveNewLife project I will be sharing weekly on Syntropy and regenerative ways of restoring self sovereignty, and a healthy natural sense of navigating these times we are each finding ourselves in. I feel I have a lot to contribute to the mindgardens of many and I feel so nice about continuing to relate if that feels relevant for you. Make use of me. I am open to receiving.

On a closing note please remember: You being You is the Gift.

I will email you next week with a follow up email to share about my fantasies (or vision) for 2021, the best is yet to come!

In grace and Lovingkindness,

All donations will be used to further my efforts for www.bravenewlife.net and sustain the work I do for www.reclaimyourlives.com and everything I do for New Earth Media and New Earth Project

Imani and I have set up a Brave New Life “money pool”.
It’s a new thing apparently, which allows people to donate through paypal. Yay!

Some don’t like the mammals at paypal. So we also have a stripe option below 🙂

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