Souvereign on Digital Sovereignty

Standardised Western Medical Birthing Practices = Luciferic Cult programming and blood ritual designed to form Trauma Based Mind Control.

Remember who you are…. Neo…

You are the Sovereign!

I choose to use ProtonMail as my Sovereignty respecting email service. A choice that required me to take self responsibility for my online communication by changing and getting out of so called “free services” that use advertisement as a way to compensate for the “free” part. I had always “put up” with the adds and of course justified them. I was just receiving what ever the add service wanted to impart into my reality. I was not able to choose what was coming into my reality.  

Feeling into this, that does not feel healthy, at all.  

Any advertisement orientated old paradigm online service is and has clearly no respect for humans and their personal interests, information, feelings, sharings or digital belongings, they just want to sell, sell, sell and therefor what is really the deal here (inverting judgement and making use of it’s function) is that I was not respecting me nor my personal information, feelings, sharings or digital belongings. Indeed I was too traumatised to recognise the intrusion, the infiltration of my mind with their fantasies, keeping me in a state of dependency and accepting intrusion of my inner space, as normal.  

Feeling into this, that does not feel healthy, at all.   Realistically seeing advertisement is someone else having sex with my mind without my consent. Since clearing my birth trauma all false light external agencies have been recognised for what they are. Pornographic, patriarchal, opportunists that benefit greatly from my western cults’ trauma based state of human responses to their agencies that are profiteering and using my subdued, consumer programmed response mechanisms as a means to “stay in business”.  

I’ve unplugged and drastically unsubscribed as i recognized the function of all my engagement with this digital “technology” realm as it was tied to my premature separation of my womb space when being born. Therefor I still wanted nurture, time, energy, help, assistance, guidance, support and being taken care of.   I was gladly indulging in the fantasy that their services were free while not recognising the price i was paying with my mind being exposed to and bombarded with whatever they deemed suitable for a possible sale . I was also using their subconcious “brand representation” as means to feel good about myself and “my choices”.

I used their brands and platforms as a way to feel good about myself…   yes, all of this was indeed stemming from a place of unresolved trauma and the compounding effects of being brought down in a consumer driven society that thrives on broken, unsure, manipulatable mammal.  

I feel now, how that place in me of:  “i don’t know, so please take my hand and provide for me as i couldn’t do this on my own”, i am not tech savvy, i don’t know….

Their skilled marketing and the look of your branding it somehow “made me” want to trust them with ALL that is mine, without of course reading my rights, as all that legal smegal is “too hard, too complicated for me”.

i definitely wouldn’t want to confront my Self, that i am actually selling out my freedom and sovereignty consciously, to an external agency, for FREE, by them now owning all that i type, produce, share, create or receive.  

…. hmmm,… Feeling into this, that does not feel healthy, at all.  

And then there were all the fear based reasons coming up that “made me” want to stay with what i had “created” (staying in the artificial safety were i was not treated as whole or sovereign but I felt comfortable because I was “being helped” to cope with my underlying trauma but of course never resolving it…. Ouch.)  

Luciferic technology (false light/ evidence appearing as truth) can be used for many purposes but remains false light all the way to its patriarchal core. For me it’s all about what it is used for and who -I am using- to navigate this digital artificial matrix in all it’s complexity, diversity and vastness.  

I am now using people with integrity and respect for self Sovereignty and my human freedom, that make the same email sending and receiving service available but truly for free with an option to pay for the services.

Naturally I am feeling really nice around choosing a sovereign path based on my own research and my own thinking, paying them with financial digits for their services feels easy and natural and so I upgraded from free to paying because that felt like a healthy transition and confirmation out of lack and scarcity/ i need things for free mentality. Online Free hardly really exists, unless you look for it. What has turned out to be the case is that YOU ARE THE PRODUCT BEING SOLD. It is your attention that is being commodified. Choose wisely.

A healthy form of taking responsibility for my online email navigation and feeling Willing to pay for that was the beginning of also shifting my relationship with Money.

It feels so good to finally have grown out of this space of still wanting things for free from external agencies.  

In this i have come to critically question my reasons for my past navigation and have started anew with a clear willingness to think for my own cells as to which services I want engage with and how to navigate the internet webspace so that I respect myself fully in a real way.  

Through what I have chosen for I am regularly experiencing healthy feelings of self righteousness when so called facebook wants to make sure that i am not a robot because the can’t work out who or where i am navigating to their site from. (use of VPN)

Equally i enjoy going through the “captcha process” on youtube where i “proof” i am a human because they can’t identify my origin thus failing to deliver me adverts.  

I get access to online services when i choose i want them, and enjoy the process of being questioned. Over time i feel that i may let go of using these third party agencies all together as nothing that i am looking for isn’t already within me or is simply already accessible through privacy respecting platforms.  

So yay to having let go of wanting to be provided for with false light that doesn’t respect me and embracing my self sovereign navigation in the digital matrix.

I encourage anyone reading this to question for their own cells as to why they use what they use and also to question why they wouldn’t want to use a privacy respecting email service for their digital mail navigation.

I Listed all the justifications and reasons to protect the boundaries of my, then current, “froopyland” and questioned their function.

What were they really defending or trying to maintain? A space of feeling safe and comfortable with what i did have ?  

For me it wasn’t easy as in a matter of intelligence and a change over was made, for me it was all  in the “too hard basket” and you are really “over analysing” things again.

Because much of my “need” for service/agency/ free/ easy/ etc etc access stemming from the compromised entering into this world as a human being,  I now comprehend to question as follows:

Have I released, freed and expressed all the trauma surrounding my birth? My premature cutting of my cord, my forceps delivery, my c-section, my circumcision, my cold entry into the world, with a slap on the bum and a jab in my foot?

And have I cried from an emotional cellular release place within my cells on this foundational process that shaped deeply who I am today on every level of my being?

(best yet,)  

Do I still operate (sometimes even) from the same fear based imprints that got shocked into my cells when I entered into the world of men from my safe space of Love, my womb?  

If fear is still present and I react from that then I am not free and I will want things for free to make up for me feeling deep down compromised, as therefor I know how to compromise on my cells, on my freedom, on my feelings relating to my initial start in life/ womb separation experience but I do not know how to be self sovereign and whole and not compromise on my Freedom without fear.  

My current email provider and online navigation agencies indicate to me that I have done some work in this field of birth trauma release and yes, quite naturally I navigate the digital matrix with a “No, thanks, no contract attitude” as it would only be NATURAL to have all information that I receive to come in -With- my consent or being accessed due to my expression of interest and my own pursuit thereof.  

~*~ Souvereign  

Many people don’t “dive this deep” so to speak. The study of Syntropy and remembering human nature and what is actually natural (like Lotus Birth) has led me to a deep comprehension of trauma based mind control and the luciferic prorgams running the world of men. Exposing them is relevant as their function, truly, is to cause us to wake ourselves up and become our own leaders again.

If you feel interested to learn about unsubscribing from the corporate run online digital matrix that capitalises on people having unresolved trauma running their digital world navigation, to using a web-browser, search engine and email services that you direct and whom respect your natural rights, I feel open to you reaching out to me via   I suggest you travel the net with a VPN provider and am happy to share some insights around this. Lastly question the function of crypto currencies in relation to all the above if you have felt a strong attraction to engage in this field of false light as it is filled with opportunities for growth and liberation. 

Nothing tastes as good as
New Adventure