Wetiko the Archonic Grip dissolved

From the Wananga of Love Project

Although we speak lofty of love, peace and freedom, our Ancestor Grandmothers of Waitaha have been very clear in what we are truly addressing during this time: the Archonic Griphold or “Darkers” responsible for the spreading and continual deepening of this wetiko “mind virus” in our human family.

For we come into this from Love, we are fearless to speak to the root causes that keep humanity bondage and self enslaved to believing (programmed) false narratives over truth, choosing rejection over acceptance, security over freedom, money and time over others, thus scarcity and lack over real wealth.

Human conflict keeps being re-created because of internally unresolved conflict and the whole earth has suffered the effects of the many manifestations of a dis-eased, sick mind operating on survival and fear.

And so we name (some) of the diseased mind expressions that have grown stronger and farther into humanities’ orientations towards “Life”. All these are or promulgate violations, transgressions and distortions of the Natural Order and our Human Nature.

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All what we are naming are the many forms of the #archonicgriphold that runs rampant in the minds of man, affecting all children, men and women, in all cultures, in some intense form or another. We know how to navigate all of them.

It is a choice to perpetuate our pain on and into others.

For this, one must remember our Nature and natural place within the Patterns of the Universe, the Patterns of Life, and the strategies that ALL of Life operates on, which is called Syntropy. This means “Re-membering who we all really are”; Peace Keepers, Sacred Water Carriers and the children of God, Io Mata Ngaro, God of gods, the Supreme One.

We expose with loving zeal how the transgenerational #cultprogramming  has affected our collective human specie so you can see that these aforementioned ‘principalities’, as places of control and power, operate only in the human mind.

Together we must now remember how to process our (unresolved) feelings properly, how to see with eyes unclouded (unprogrammed), free of judgement or need for defensiveness.
How to renew our Mindsong and tend our Mindgardens in Syntropy.

Today’s advanced #cultprogramming is like a sheep’s wool pulled over our eyes right from birth. For those not born a Lotus Birth there can be substantial work to do around the Five Primary Imprints of the Premature Separation, Primary Rejection, Primary Abandonment, Primary Shaming and the Absence of Presence that broke our Free Will, raped us of our original innocence without consent, and most significantly: dis-membered parts of Self from our Whole Self through the process of disassociation or fragmentation.

When the Ancient Ones spoke to us about “Re-membering who we Really are” they said much more than thinking about our 5D star origin.

Will restoration, feeling based relating, syntropic thinking and then navigating our internal landscape of our minds to bring Home to wholeness all those parts still “locked in time”.

This as one of our Kete (baskets) from which we wish to share with you.

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